[CFCL] Rules, Regulations, and Penalties

[GM]Kanadian[GM]Kanadian Administrator

Over the past 2 (and some) months we have been proud to administer the CFCL Elite Division and bring you competitive, entertaining matches. However, as the months progress there are a few things that we need to address for this division to keep moving forward.

http://na.esports.z8games.com/elite-rules.html These are the official rules for the CFCL Elite Division. We expect that when you apply, you read them so that you know what you are getting yourselves into. This applies to the Team Captain most, but also every team member individually. Here are just some of the issues we have run into, however, that could have been avoided if all participants followed the rules as laid out:

- Insults/General Misconduct
- Failure To Submit Scores
- Failure To Submit Replays
- No-Shows
- Match Delays
- Smurfing
- Use Of Prohibited Items
- Glitching
- Unapproved IGN Changes

As I am sure you are aware, some teams have been disqualified due to some of these actions, while others have received forfeits, and lucky ones have received only penalties or warnings.

These can not continue. We expect all teams, both current and future, to review these rules in their entirety. Moving forward, we are going to be much more strict with rulings, as clearly being relaxed is not conductive to a proper tournament environment as some of you have demonstrated.

To those teams who haven't had any issues, we thank you for your co-operation and we hope you continue to enjoy the CFCL Elite Division and the opportunities it offers.

-CrossFire Team
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