July 18th Update - Patch Notes!

[New Map]

Spaceport [Free For All]
A galactical turn of events; BL and GR elevate their warfare into an immense space center. The anti-gravity properties of this area adds an definite twist to the rivalry.

[Game Rules]
  • Knives Only
  • Pistols Only
  • Snipers Only
[New Weapon Crates]
Golden Crab Crate
  • AN-94-Ultimate Gold
  • Scythe Crab-Cancer

[Re-opened Crates]
  • Summer Snowflake Crate A
  • Summer Snowflake Crate B

[Combined + Sale Crates] 50% OFF Limited Time

  • D.E-Knuckles Crate
  • AK-KAC Crate
  • Commando-Barrett Crate
  • Sterling-Armsel Crate
  • M14EBR-KTR Crate
**** Patch Notes ****

*Bug fixes *

- Fixed an issue that caused the Trixy Character's voice lines to be low volume compared to other in-game sounds
- Fixed an issue that caused Trixy radio messages to be disabled in Mutation and Zombies Modes
- Fixed an issue that caused the Phoenix Smoke Grenade to equip in the incorrect grenade slot
- Fixed various in-game text issues


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