Any Chance?

Hey GMs! Our team has been removed from the CFCL Tournament due to the comments of one player about the ZP distribution. The team leader and I were wondering if the team can participate without that one player. We have never had any problems with the GMs or anyone for that matter. It seems really ridicule that one player that has no say in the team’s future is the reason the team can’t play and compete for ZP.
If there is any chance we could play whether it be with or without the player who made the comment, we would really appreciate it.


  • Captain

    Hello, GMs im the current team captain of FOHH Im here because of Moes situation about conduct rule breaking. We as a team had no idea that Moe even posted this Forums thread as we rarely get on the forums. We are just asking for 1more chance to play this tournament I dont think a single players actions should effect the rest of the team not playing. im willing to remove Nochillmo from the roster and my substitute to play for him.
  • For Gms

    For all the GMs here Im sorry for all the problems Ive caused I will personally not be playing cfcl anymore It would be great if you could give FOHH 1more chance Im really sorry about all the broken rules.
  • The team can be recreated and subscribe to the open tournament with a different member.
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