Carbon forgot to sign up?

I'm pretty sure they forgot to re-signup on the esports page. Literally just scanned through to see all roster changes throughout the week since the rosters locked Today at 2pm EDT (at least I believe they do). So if anyone has a way to contact them ( I currently don't), please do. Would rather see them compete than not. Doesn't really feel like an earned win if they aren't there.


  • doop51doop51 Royal Heir
    They don't have to sign up they're sponsored
  • doop51 wrote: »
    They don't have to sign up they're sponsored

    By sign up, I mean re-register their team on the E-Sports Hub. Doesn't matter if they are sponsored or not. If they aren't there by sunday, they shouldn't be allowed to compete. I just posted this so someone would contact them to re-register.
  • oLOGICoLOGIC Margrave
    re registered with 5 prior to your post, but thank you sir
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