Why is Z8 Messing with us (Genius Gaming)

L_kiL_ki Knight-Errant
So we recently added 1 player to our roster, Ravil. and we wanted to add Thornzberry as well and he asked on friday, i've asked to remove Jamie/Eddie since the 12th http://prntscr.com/c5m698 then once we added Ravil you guys removed one of our s5 members JayloveJapan, http://prntscr.com/c5m6zv. Thornzberry asked friday to be moved to our team so please update the rosters if you guys are able too and it would be awesome if you could readd JayLoveJapan


  • L_kiL_ki Knight-Errant
    Alright. He deleted our team (Grumpy) so we're just adding everyone back.
  • He said he deleted mine but whenever I click my team it takes me to Unstoppables ? Except my name is still there >.< there's one hour left please fix this Grumpy

    Will I be able to play on my main on a different team?
  • L_kiL_ki Knight-Errant
    Yo, we need thornz removed from his other team, he sent a support ticket friday and still isn't removed he's our 5th and we kinda need him to play :/
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