CrossFire Ghost Mode P.U.G.


(P)ick(U)p(G)ames are a great way to get a little competitive action going on the side without taking part in tournaments or clan wars. Simply get on, find people, get on a team and play whilst following the rules. It's a simple formula and can be tremendous fun and it's high time we establish this regularly for Ghost Mode. After creating the CrossFire Ghost Mode Discord Channel, this was the obvious and logical next step. The two things are run and connected so if you take part in the Discord Channel, take part in the PUGs! (And vice versa). It's common knowledge that a lot of current / new players do not use the forums, but they do use other forms of communication. Ideally having something like discord is immensely helpful in creating PUGs so everyone who's mildly interested in PUGs or competitive ghost mode should definitely hop on the discord channel. We want to keep the games competitive but also fun so I tried to keep the weapon variety as large as possible, though there might be some I shouldn't have added or have missed, please let know which those are!


To have a successful PUG, all participants should be on the same page so read the following!

The setup and structure, including the restrictions, are listed below in an easy to read format. Any other questions should be asked on this thread or on the discord chat. All questions are welcome and so are first time PUG players. Once it's seen that there are enough players online for a PUG game, PUG Moderators / Admins will pick the captains and move them to their respective channels, after-which player selection will begin. It is important to note that the captains must use a mic to communicate their choices to the observers/moderators. The captains will ask for players one at a time in order from Team 1 to Team 4 until the rosters are complete. Numerically there are four teams (i.e, Team 1, Team 2, Team 3) etc. at the current time, four teams can support a max of 32 players if 8v8 games are being played, however 5v5 are preferred to 10-20 players is the reasonable and expected number of people to show up. They also have the nickname of Team Alpha, Beta, Charlie and Delta. You will be given an estimated 1 minutes to formulate strategies, change and set your load out and meet your team once the rosters are complete, once you are ready, press ready in the room lobby to show you are good to go. Once the teams are ready and the room settings meet the PUG criteria the games can begin and be played out. At the end of each PUG session it is the captain's responsibility to provide score results screenshot and the match replay file to the PUG moderators or post them directly to this thread. These resources will then become freely available on this thread or on the Discord Channel, we want to keep a track of how many people show up, who the regulars are, who sucks and who doesn't. The replays serve as a resource for people to gauge different players play-style whilst improving their own as well as to improve on their strats. All players who wish to participate must be on the discord channel, you do not need a mic but do need headphones or any audio device so you can hear the instructions. You do not need to download Discord, you can simply run it through your browser. The number of games to be played is situational, it can range to one PUG game to several depending on player commitments. A shorter summary is listed below to getting started with the P.U.G.S
  1. Read this thread thoroughly to understand the rules and restrictions.
  2. Download or login from your web browser to the CrossFire Ghost Mode Discord Chat.
  3. Show up 5 minutes before the assigned PUG timings
  4. Introduce yourself on the text channel and your in-game name so we know who you are.
  5. Join the voice channel so we know you are going to participate.
  6. Show up in the assigned Server and Channel and wait in the lobby.
  7. Wait to be selected as a captain or wait to be picked by a captain.
  8. If you are a captain, declare your choice of player from the available roster when it is your turn.
  9. Be moved into the team channel for whatever team you are picked for.
  10. Move into room lobby and wait for the roster to complete, you will be given the password for the room.
  11. Once roster is complete the countdown will begin for you to formulate a quick strategy and to change your load outs. The countdown is of 1 minute.
  12. Game begins
  13. Captain takes screenshot and saves replay of the game result.
  14. Teams switch sides and play again.
  15. PUG Game ends, new one begins with a new map from the available map choices.


Gameplay wise, captains have primarily two roles, one is team selection and the other is to generally be the leader for their teams. Technical side wise, captains have another 2 additional roles, save screenshots and save replays. When it comes to team selection we suggest and advise you to try to branch out to new players instead of grouping together the same team multiple times. Get new players on your team, carry a little harder, improve a whole lot more. As a leader, this is your time to test your ghost mode theories and strategies. You can tell your team mates where to be, what sites to protect and maybe who to target ;). Maybe you got a great new strategy to test out, like everyone camping B vents. You can do that, it's your call. It's fun being a captain so don't be afraid to nominate yourself! have a little fun and learn from a new experience. We try to get everyone to be a captain so you're definitely invited to have a shot. As far as the technical side is confirmed, simply save a screenshot of the match results and upload them to either Imgur or TinyPic and then simply reply in the thread with the image so everyone can see your glorious scores. As for replays? Send em to the PUG moderators / admins to keep em until they are needed.

P.U.G. Start Time

PST Timezone

CST Timezone

EST Timezone

Games are made

P.U.G. Information

North America 3 - Channel 5

CrossFire Ghost Mode PUG #
(Insert PUG number where #)

Laboratory, Metro, Hakenkreuz, Complex, Bio Facility, Nightfall, Tranquility
Maps to be rotated in any order from above selection.

7 Rounds

3 VS 3, 4 VS 4, 5 VS 5, 8 VS 8
All depends on total players participating. 5 Versus 5 is preferred format. Remaining spots should be used for spectator slots if 3 versus 3 or 5 versus 5.

Will only be given to participating teams via the Discord Channel

Allowed Weapons & Items for Global Risk

Don't see your gun on the list below? Don't bring it. If you feel like your weapon of choice is not on the list and should be on the list please suggest it and why it should be allowed. The below list is subject to change to maintain balanced game play or to include new weapons.
The bolded and coloured items are the preferred and starter load outs if you're a first time GM player or PUG player and are not sure what loadout to pick.

  • M16
    • M16 - Camo
  • M16A2
  • AK-47
    • AK-47 - Silver
    • AK-47 - Advanced
    • AK-47 - Camo
    • AK-47 - Blue Crystal
    • AK-47 - Knife
    • AK-47 - Knife Red Crystal
    • AK-47 - Scope
  • FN FNC
  • M4A1
    • M4A1 - Silver
    • M4A1 - Advanced
    • M4A1 - Silenced Crystal
    • M4A1 - Custom
    • M4A1 - Custom Crystal
    • M4A1 - Custom Red Crystal
    • M4A1 - Custom Aurora
    • M4A1 - Blue Crystal
    • M4A1 - Jasmine
    • M4A1 - Spring Flower
    • M4A1 - Silenced Tiger
  • Pindad SS2
  • Tantal Wz.88
  • K-2
  • Ruger MINI-14
  • SCAR Heavy
    • SCAR-Heavy - Camo
  • SG552
  • Steyr AUG A1
  • G36K
  • Type89
  • Whinchester
    • Whinchester - Gold
  • Whinchester - Scoped
  • QBZ-95
  • TAR21
  • XM8
    • XM8 - Advanced
  • SCAR Light
  • C7A2
  • SG540

Sniper Rifles
  • M700
  • AWM
    • AWM - Camo
  • Dragunov
  • DSR-1
  • WA2000
  • TRG-21
  • R93 T2
  • MSG90

Sub Machine Guns
  • K1A
  • Micro Galil
  • MP5
  • MP7
  • SR3M
  • UZI
  • P90
  • M12s

Machine Guns
  • Not Allowed

  • SPAS-12
  • XM1014
    • XM1014 - Advanced
  • Dual Desperado

  • Anaconda
    • Anaconda - Advanced
  • Beretta M93R
  • Colt 1911
  • Beretta M93R
  • Dual Double Barrel
  • Desert Eagle
    • Desert Eagle - Silver
    • Desert Eagle - Gold
    • Desert Eagle - Crimson
    • Desert Eagle - Royal Dragon
    • Desert Eagle - Blue Crystal
    • Desert Eagle - Silencer
  • GLOCK-18
  • M9
  • MK23 SOCOM
  • P228
    • P228 - Camo

  • Knife
    • Knife - Stripe
    • Knife - Black
    • Knife - CFS
  • Balloon Hammer
  • Axe
    • All Variants Barring V.I.P. Axe

  • Basic Grenade Only
  • Basic White Smoke Only
  • Flash

  • Expand Grenade Slot
  • Speed Defuse

Allowed Weapons & Items for Black List

Don't see your gun on the list below? Don't bring it. If you feel like your weapon of choice is not on the list and should be on the list please suggest it and why it should be allowed. The below list is subject to change to maintain balanced game play or to include new weapons.

  • Knife
    • Knife - Stripe
    • Knife - Black
    • Knife - CFS
  • Balloon Hammer
  • Axe
    • All Variants Barring V.I.P. Axe

  • Breath-down
  • Speed Defuse

Allowed Player Character Models
  • SWAT
    • SWAT 2.0
  • OMOH
    • OMOH 2.0
  • SAS
    • SAS 2.0
  • GSG9

Character accessories are not allowed! That includes flash guard, smoke protection and ammo magazines.

The Dos and Do Nots

The Dos
  • Do single man boosting
  • Do show good game spirit and sportsmanship
  • Do bhopping
  • Do use the weapons listed in the above allowed lists for your respective side
  • Do use the items listed in the above allowed lists for your respective side
  • Do read the thread thoroughly if this is your first time playing GM PUGs
The Do Nots
  • Do not hack
  • Do not use macros (whether for bhopping or otherwise)
  • Do not rejoin for quick respawn
  • Do not glitch yourself into unreachable areas
  • Do not glitch/plant the bomb in unreachable areas
  • Do not troll/roast/insult players once PUG starts or during game play. Keep it for before and after.
  • Do not use a flash guard.
  • Do not use smoke protection
  • Do not use any type of ammo mags
  • Do not bring any VIPs in any bag for any reason under any circumstance. It's simply not allowed so don't try to justify it.
  • Do not quit the game (or rejoin) to clean your score, let the world see that pretty, pretty score.

It goes without saying but general crossfire rules obviously apply here.

Reporting Players

If you speculate that a player is using unfair items and/or is breaking an obvious rule of conduct you can report him by notifying the parties running the Discord Channel. Please note that if an observer / mod is not available in the match you must provide adequate proof. This proof must be in the form of screenshot, a replay file and a summary of things leading up to you believing that the reported person is breaking a rule.

Ban List
  • No one so far!

The PUG is to be played to have fun, if people do not follow the PUGs rules a little form of leniency will be provided, however repeated offences will result in hard warnings and potentially even being banned from playing with the PUG or from the discord channel.

Warning System

In the event that you continually break rules or getting on everyone's nerves obviously there is some form of punishment. That being said, since the PUGs are run to a higher standard and we want to keep everything organized and that also applies to punishment. Very rarely are you ever going to get insta-banned. We have two sets of warning, soft-warnings and hard warning. Consider them as integers whereas soft warning holds a value of 0.5 and a hard warning holds a value of 1. When you accumulate warnings total the amount of 3. You're banned from the PUG discord and community. So that means a total of 6 soft warnings or a total of 3 hard warnings and perhaps a mix of both. 2 Hard warnings and 2 soft warnings maybe? Soft warning may be given for something like you dropping out (multiple times, that is) in the middle of a PUG match without any warning and leaving your team at a disadvantaged. Hard warning may be something like glitching a C4, or maybe kicking people for personal reasons from PUG matches. These points do not expire. You can appeal them and perhaps give enough of a reason to have the point revoked but generally the points do not expire over time. You may consider that tough luck but official warnings are hardly given unless you've done something that's inexcusable. Play the game, follow the instructions and have fun and there will be no issues. Despite this, for those who have successfully managed to earn warnings can get their shiny names on the cool kids list below.

Warned List
  • "Banned" is at 1 out of 3 total warning points.
  • "FireZorm666" is at 0.5 out of 3 total warning points.

Appealing a warning point

You can appeal to have a point revoked if you feel there was some form of power abuse or perhaps other reasons barring the bad excuses (*cough* "my brother was playing on my acc" *cough*). If you do choose to have a point revoked, please contact one of the PUG moderators or Discord Admins other than the person who gave you the official warning.

Game Etiquette

While no one can enforce you to play or behave in a certain manner there are obviously some etiquettes that are set as a standard for GMers. They are fairly obvious to experienced ghost mode players but for those who are new or are perhaps a little unfamiliar with what everyone's expecting, here's a quick list that will improve how well you play with others and how you can benefit your team at large
  • While you can bring any weapon that's allowed from the above list, silenced weapons are always preferred so you do not interfere with your team mates pinpointing.
  • While the use of flash, smoke and grenades provide substantial tactical advantages, flashing your team mates is not good. Check your environment before throwing your flashes.
  • Check your mic settings to see whether it's on or the voice input sensitivity (for voice activity) is too low. Hearing you breath or typing is annoying, distracting and can block out essential environment sounds from the game.
  • While you are free to play as a lone wolf in the PUGs, listening to the instructions and strats by your captain is highly encouraged.
  • Use your radio signals to let your team know of important tactical information; here is a quick list of the common ones to be used
    • [ Z ] > 1 : Yes

      Use this radio signal when you understand or agree with a given command and/or as a reply to another radio signal, i.e, "Found C4"

    • [ Z ] > 2 : No

      Use this radio signal when you don't understand or disagree with a given command and/or as a reply to another radio signal, i.e, "Found C4"

    • [ Z ] > 3 : Found Enemies

      Use this radio signal when you spotted an enemy in your area to alert others quickly of where the enemies are.

    • [ Z ] > 4 : Found C4

      Use this radio signal when you've killed the C4 carrier and the C4 has been dropped in your area.

    • [ C ] > 1 : Backup A Site

      Use this radio signal when you hear the C4 being planted at the site and/or feel as if the likelihood of the C4 being planted is very high at the site. That being said also use the signal if you feel vastly outnumbered.

    • [ C ] > 2 : Backup B Site

      Use this radio signal when you hear the C4 being planted at the site and/or feel as if the likelihood of the C4 being planted is very high at the site. That being said also use the signal if you feel vastly outnumbered.

Please note that you MUST on the Discord channel to participate in the PUG games, even if you do not have a mic.

Click on this below to get invited to the channel.

Join the channel

P.U.G. Gameplay / Rules Change Log
- Added Pistol "Desert Eagle - Silencer"
- Added Rifle "AK47 - Scope"
- Player Character "GSG9" Added to Allowed Character Models
- Added Map "Tranquility" to Map Rotation
- Added Map "Nightfall" to Map Rotation
- 4 vs 4 Added to Opposition Structure
- Added Melee "Knife - CFS"
- Added Rifle "M4A1 - Custom Aurora"
- Added Rifle "M4A1 - Jasmine"
- Added Rifle "M4A1 - Spring Flower"
- Readded Rifle "M4A1 - Custom Red Crysta"
- Added Rifle "M4A1 - Silenced Tiger"
- Added Rifle "SCAR-Heavy - Camo"
- Reduced strategy and load out adjustment time to 1 minute from 5 minutes.
- Added Rifle "M16 - Camo"
- Added Rifle "M16A2"
- Added Sniper Rifle "MSG90"
- Added Sniper Rifle "R93 T2"
- Added Sniper Rifle "TRG-21"
- Added Sniper Rifle "WA2000"
- Removed Rifle "Steyr AUG A1 - Camo"
- Added Rifle "Whinchester - Gold"
- Removed SMG "MP5 - Advanced"
- Added Pistol "Desert Eagle - Crimson"
- Added Pistol "Desert Eagle - Gold"
- Added Pistol "Desert Eagle - Royal Dragon"
- Added Pistol "Desert Eagle - Blue Crystal"
- Removed Pistol "Desert Eagle - Camo"
- Added Rifle "M4A1 - Spring"
- Added Map "Bio Facility" to Map Rotation
- Removed "M4A1 - Custom Red Crystal"
- Added Sniper Rifle "M700" Added
- Removed Shotgun "KS - 23"
- Added Rifle "AK47 - Silver"
- Reduced Total Rounds played to 7 from 9
- Added Map "Metro" to Map Rotation
- Removed Map "Lost Relics" from Map Rotation

Good luck and have fun!


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