Crossfire Ghost Mode Discord Channel

In hopes of getting ghost mode competitive again for the summer (and hopefully beyond for what it's worth) a little organization for the remaining players seems like a good idea. This isn't an official channel, it's simply hosted and maintained by the community.

For those who do not know what Discord is, it's essentially Teamspeak/Ventrilo except it costs nothing to host and the amount of people that can join the channels is very high. Another bonus to Discord is that you can run the application straight from your browser or download their desktop application. The choice is yours (

You do not need to register an account to join the channel though it is advisable so you can keep your friends-list and gain access to other features (

After getting the app download and yourself registered, check out this small guide ( to get the grasp of Discord. It's important to note that whilst the web browser version does have a push to talk, it's limited in the fact that it cannot work when you're ingame so it's highly advisible that you download the desktop App so you can be ingame and on the discord channel at the same time. This allows the channel to stay efficient and maintain it's purpose. The purpose being a hub for the small ghost mode community to find games, clans, practice and PUG instantly.

Hopefully this channel will pick up and we can using it as a starting point to get Ghost Mode lively again. Next on the agenda is to get some PUGs going!

A small rundown of the channels

Text Channels
  • #annoucements
    A quick place to pick up on what's happening in Ghost Mode
  • #general
    Anything goes
  • #clanrecruitment
    Specifically for people looking to join clans and for clans to recruit players. Not a voice channel.
  • #clanwarinvites
    Find or suggest a clan war with other users. Not a voice channel.

Voice Channels
  • General
    Anything goes, with voice chat enabled.
  • P.U.G.
    Pick up games. Looking for a PUG? Here's the channel. Wanna start a PUG? Do it here.
  • Scrims
    For clans looking to clan war, here's the place to find and discuss with your opposition.
  • Other Modes
    For people who need a tiny break from Ghost Mode and are playing other crossfire modes. Probably ZM2.
  • Music Lobby
    Come listen to 2's music when he's around. Chill room.
  • A.F.K.
    Away from Keyboard. For those who are idle, users are automatically transferred here if they idle for 5 minutes or longer.

  • No direct personal attacks
    Reasonable amount of banter is expected and acceptable (This is crossfire after all) but anything overboard is subject to getting banned.
  • No inappropriate discussion
    I believe in self-moderation, keep discussions civil regardless of the topic; needless to say some topics are not acceptable, hopefully you can guess what they are and we won't have any problems.
  • General Crossfire rules apply
    This goes without saying

Pug Channels

Only a maximum of 8 users are allowed per team, admins and moderators can hop in and out regardless of the limit. These rooms cannot be entered into by regular users, you have to be moved into these rooms by admins who will do so when you are chosen by the team captains
  • [P.U.G] Team 1
  • [P.U.G] Team 2
  • [P.U.G] Team 3
  • [P.U.G] Team 4

Channel Admins & Moderators
  • iPhoenixi [supDawg?] (Admin)
  • Frozenpizza [FrozenPizza] (Admin)
  • Depado [Depado] (Moderator)

If anyone wants to throw in a helping hand and moderate the discord channel, let me know.

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If you have any suggestions, ideas or general inquiries, don't hesitate to ask them here. After all this is community managed so everyone gets a say on how it should be run.

This is a new channel and it'll take a while for it to pick up. The thread is subject to changes in the future.


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