Quick SIM TD-Mixed Legend event guide

I've seen a lot of my friends and others having a hard time with getting kills for this event. I wanted to put a quick guide together of screenshots showing what I did.

The event can be found here: [url]http://forum.z8games.com/showthread.php?314411-Simulation-Shenanegans-April-11th-→-19th[/url]

I had the most success by putting the bots on shotguns, this allowed me to keep a distance.


The map I had the most success with was Egypt, but I included some of my strategies from ship as well. I will start with what worked best for me.

Try to hug corners of boxes and things to present the smallest target you can for the bots.

Please note, I have the danger areas marked with red. These are the spots you should be most aware of as it is where the enemy is coming from the most. The yellow are spots just to keep an eye on as they do come from these spots as well. The green areas are just references on spots that I used, and I tried to incorporate arrows to show where I would go back and forth peeking and stuff.

This first spot is my favorite. It's on GR side in Egypt.


This spot is in the open, but if you can be quick enough it can be the most rewarding. The red spots here are where they will continuously pour out from. The yellow spots show where they may come from if they get past the red spots.

Spot 2, also from GR side, looks right at spot 1. From here most of the enemies will be at the red dot. The yellow shows an occasional area to be aware of.


BL side on this map is kind of challenging. I had little success with the right side of the map, thus chose spots all on the left side.


Being on BL is not recommended, but this is what I did when helping a friend and taking one for the team. Again, red is danger and yellow should be in the back of your mind.

Ship's best side against bot has to be BL. It has the best vantage points.


I really like being on top of that box. ^^ here's two shots showing the view from up on said box.


Another good spot from BL is overlooking the right side of GR spawn (their left).


GR side can be challenging against all of those vantage points BL has. For me, there was really only one spot to go.


The green shows where I would go between trying to get at BL.


The red here is the main kill zone (obv.) Every now and then I'd get a straggler from the left yellow spot. The green line on the box shows a spot to nade the campers on the BL side if you can.


Track your progress here : http://crossfire.z8games.com/events.html

;) That's it for me. Feel free to /w me in game if you'd like some help. I know a bunch of peeps also doing the event, and can always use the people. I hope this helps :D


  • KittaaKittaa Marquis
    Nice guide. Will be helpfull for people that din't knew :)
  • Kittaa wrote: »
    Nice guide. Will be helpfull for people that din't knew :)

    :P You never know. Promised my buddy I'd do this for her. :) Hope I didn't make it too complicated.
  • winnnetouwinnnetou Holy Mage
    done it in 2 days, used shotguns for bots and sniper for me

  • winnnetou wrote: »
    done it in 2 days, used shotguns for bots and sniper for me

    Good job. Although I am puzzled as to why you needed 2 different posts. That windows classic tho..
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