Simulation TD Guide - Last Updated: 2015/12/09

Simulation TD

One of the new features available with CrossFire 2.0 is the new Simulation Bot Match mode. This is a mode where you can play against a team of AI controlled Bots either alone or with a team of up to 7 other players (8 players total). The Simulation Bot Match is a great mode for honing your skills in a relaxed environment while you get ready and psyched for the real matches against other players.

Room Creation

When creating a new room, you will have a new option under the game modes list, Simulation Bot Match. From here you can set up the rules of the match (ie. Mode, Rules, Goal, Bot Difficulty, etc). You can also elect to start a solo bot match by clicking the green 'Single Bot Match' button.

Once you've entered into the room you will see a screen similar to a standard room. The only major differences will be that the opposite team from you will be pre-filled with 4 Bots. These bots are the AI controlled opponents that you will be facing against. By clicking the ' + ' button beside an empty slot you can add an additional bot to the match. Likewise, you can remove bots from the match by clicking the ' - ' button beside an filled slot.

Setting Options

Beyond just adding bots to a match; you can modify a variety of settings to customize the match to your liking. Like a standard room, the Room Info Panel on the left will allow you to make several changes to the match. As of the time of this writing there are 6 options that can be select/changed from here:
- Map (Ship 2.0/Egypt 2.0/Mexico)
- Objective (Kills/Time)
- Goal (Kills: 40/60/80/100/150, Time: 5/8/10/12 minutes)
- Number of Human Players (4/5/6/7/8)
- Difficulty (Greenhorn/Rookie/Soldier/Veteran/Legend)
- Bot Weapon Restriction (All/Rifle/Sniper/Shotgun/SMG/Machine Gun/Pistol/Melee)

Map: The map that the game will take place on.
Objective: The criteria that determines when the match will end.
Goal: The number of kills / total time that the match will end at.
Number of Human Players: The restriction on how many human players can join
Difficulty: The difficulty/skill level of the Bot Team
Bot Weapon Restrictions: The weapons that the bots are limited to.

Notes/Trouble Shooting
- Kills/Deaths in Bot matches are not tracked for achievements/badges
- Unless otherwise stated they will also not count for events
- Legend difficulty is hard, yo.
- Can’t get people to join you? Set the # of players to a higher number.
- It is not possible for any players to join the bots.
- Single bot match will not award you EXP/GP
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