Posts/Threads featuring content from another version

Recently, I have personally noticed an increase in users sharing content from other versions of Crossfire. This is not involving all active users. However it is a trend that needs to terminate from now on. We have hampered on this ever since NA/UK officially got going. Such particular rule is already, once again, clearly explained in our forum rules; blatantly stating that it is indeed a violation to bluntly spoil future content for players that might not have ever seen or heard about it.

I understand that many of you do play, or have played, other versions of this game. That is completely fine, we do not restrict you from doing that. However, it is absolutely not okay to share what you see and play with on the other regional servers on the Z8 forums.

I also understand that some of you are excited about the content that other versions are getting, that we have not. If I were you, I would be too. You can't resist admiring all those superb designs the game has to offer. It's awesome. But you have to realize that there are designated scheduling for release of game content. I envision that a lot of the content we currently do not have here, will be here at some point. In the meantime, we must continue to stress that sharing unreleased content on these forums is an offense.

In contrary to actually sharing unreleased content, discussion of what we currently have available to us is completely fine. An example would be the patch discussion for the month of May 2015. [MOD]Simrock has taken his time to post teaser screenshots, hinting what the upcoming patch could be about. That would be something we would allow, well then again Simrock knows what he is authorized to post and what is not. Anything that is first-hand released from sources such as NA/UK's facebook and twitter and from authorized links relating to our specific version, would be allowed on these forums. However, in that same example thread, I personally deleted multiple posts that showed content from another version.

While you are reading this, I would also like to touch on the topic of publicly posting datamined files and content on these forums. I do know that some of you are curious enough that you dug into the game files to find out what we could possibly get in upcoming updates. That is not forbidden, but posting what you saw is. We rarely see cases of this happening. That is because many players do not know how to work it out. I would like to remind everyone here that this is a bannable offense on first count. This is a severe violation and will result in severe punishment.

So it has come down to myself having to take time to remind you the importance of following a simply defined rule. Please note that I am not basing this on what I notice. Users have complained to myself in private; regarding the sharing of unreleased content and I feel like it's about time that this gets taken care of. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if any of this confuse you in any way. I will do my best to answer your question(s) regarding content from other versions of Crossfire.

I do not expect this to be a permanent reminder. However, there is no harm in this thread being in our popular discussion sub-forum for awhile. Give it a read, love it, hate it, remember it forever in the time you browse these forums.
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