Important notice regarding hacking detection

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Attention Mercenaries,

During our recent tests on the hacking software it came to our attention that current hacks can change the CrossFire game files in a way that even if the hack was disabled and removed, our systems might detect the change as actively hacking. This is not a false detection but a detection of previously installed and/or used hacks.

Any detected hacking of CrossFire may result in an account restriction up to permanent Z8 account closure.
Please be aware that hacking is considered a severe violation of our Terms of Use, and if you are using hacks you risk a permanent account block even with the first offense.

In case you were curious and installed a hack without using it actively, we recommend to perform a clean uninstall of the hack and CrossFire and install CrossFire new. Please see instructions for clean Rebooting the Computer and Reinstalling the Game here.
If you are using a shared computer, for example at an Internet Cafe, we recommend to do the same and install CrossFire new to ensure that the installed version of CrossFire doesn't contain the file change from a previously used hack.

In any case, please be aware that you are responsible for following our Terms of Use and should always make sure that the computer you are using to connect to the game, is not used for hacking and free of malware, viruses and similar malicious applications.

Thank you for your understanding,

-CrossFire team


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