Guide: 31st wave

Ok, this is my tutorial on 31st wave boss in Crater Zombie mode.

You must have at least 3 people, with good communication

At least 1 person with the m1216 preferably the Blue Skull which is obtainable from Lab map.

Obviously 2x players at the 31st wave will obtain the Fal camo aka the Grenade launcher.

Well, the fal-camo users have to grenade launcher the Boss (the green one) aka Frenized

And the m1216 users have to get in front of him and keep shooting his face! If one of you
don't have m1216, its okay, the player that does will die and you can pick it up..

For a video tutorial click this link;

Hope it works, heard a lot of people with getting killed from him, saying the 5+ lives aren't enough, with this strategy I disagree I think 5+ lives is too much..

I hope it helps.. and PS: None of you go up to the Gatling gun, because if the boss follows you up there, its very hard for the shotgun & the grenade launcher, that's just a obvious tip.


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