Broadcast Channel Status/Information/Rules/FAQ Thread

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Stream Status


The Official CrossFire is a streaming page where the CrossFire Moderators and Administrators broadcast special events and tournaments for the community with casters and community members.

Throughout most of our streams the streaming team will give out prizes throughout the broadcast. These prizes will range from small gp amounts to guns to cosmetic items. Some codes will be won, some codes will be randomly given out, some codes will be redeemable by everyone.

We will also be giving out codes on our Official IRC Channel where we will also be talking to you guys and giving shout outs. You can learn how to connect to the IRC in this guide. {{WIP}}

If you want to be emailed every time our stream goes live you can create an account on and click the follow button right below the stream on our stream page.

If you miss a stream, the videos will always be uploaded to one of our Youtube channels, or saved on the twitch page.


CFOnline Official Chat Rules:
  • Do not ask for codes. Codes will be given out throughout the broadcast in various different means. (Chat, Voice Server, In Game, IRC, Forums, Reddit)
  • Do not abuse smilies. Abuse will end in smilies being available to only subscribers or disabled completely.
  • English Only. We need to understand what is being said.
  • Do not complain about the broadcast. If we need opinions we will ask. It is likely issues are on your side.
  • Do not ask to be a chat moderator. Asking will result in you being kicked. If we want you, we'll ask you.
  • Do not repeatedly ask if you can join us. We will state where we are so you may join us.
  • No inappropriate language. We have censored certain words.
  • No insulting others or harassing anyone.
  • All Z8Games Forum Rules apply.

*Not following these rules will get yourself either a 10 minute or permanent ban on the chat depending on which rule was broken and to what extent.

**Chat Moderators (other than CrossFire Moderators) have no affiliation with Z8Games and Z8Games holds no responsibility for their actions. We will do our best to fix any wrong action.

Casting Team and Chat Moderators

  • All CrossFire Moderators & Administrators
  • CFL Staff
  • Gex
  • Doop
  • David
Chat Moderators
  • All CrossFire Moderators & Administrators
  • All Casters
  • RTOMan
  • Giggletron
  • ThisGameOwns
  • yarrH

Frequently Asked Questions - Q&A

Q: Can I join you guys on the broadcast?

A: Yes and No. You may join us in game as the games will be open to the public. You may also join us on the public mumble and have a chance to be brought into the private channel for some events and fun during the livestream.

Q: What is the mumble information?

A: The IP is: the port is: 31286

Q: Where else can I watch you guys, the twitch page is being slow!

A: Check us out on the front page of Modhub!

Q: Where can I watch the broadcast if I missed it?

A: The broadcast video will be available on both the page you are currently on or CrossFire's Official Youtube!

Q: Where will you guys be hosting events?

A: We will be hosting events in multiple places. Including, The Official CrossFire IRC, The Official CrossFire Forums, and Mumble!

Q: What room are you guys in?

A: We will announce the server, channel, room, (and password), as we play. Please do not repeatedly ask us where we are, we will say it multiple times over the course of the room.

Q: Can I broadcast on twitch?

A: Yes you can! Streaming is fast, fun, and easy, anyone can do it. If you're looking for a quick way to stream with no hassle, try using xfire which you can download from the xfire website or when you download crossfire. You can also you a multitude of other programs such as Open Source Broadcaster (OBS). To find out how to use OBS you can find a guide here{{WIP}} - I will release this guide as soon as it is done!

Q: Can I be a Chat Moderator?

A: Likely the answer will be no if asked. Current Z8Games moderators all will have moderator powers on this channel along with frequent broadcasters and event holders. It is unlikely that we'll need more help, however if we ever think we do we will hold applications.

Q: Can I have a code?

A: No. There will be multiple chances for you to earn and redeem codes throughout the broadcast. We will be giving them away in multiple places including in game and in chat randomly. However asking us for a code will likely result in you getting kicked from chat.

Q: Is the stream lagging?

A: While it's a possibility it is also likely it might just be you. If you see many others complaining it is likely on our side, however if it is just you try lowering the stream quality by using the button on the bottom right of the stream next to the wrench. (This button will be numbers.) The lower the number, the less quality the stream will be, but also faster if your internet cannot handle a higher quality.

Watch The Broadcast!

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