Is it coming back lawlz ?

i was suppose to buy 50k sp before .. but then noticed paybycash wasnt there -.-'


  • Methinks it will be back but thats not for sure.
  • I'm sure it'll return sooner or later. I bet UGC accounted for a lot of Suba's earnings.
  • Im sure it will be back as seeing the other payment options returned
  • Lawlz i hope it does

    Awm is so boring now :\

    I want my m4.
  • what are you using to use paybycash? a ultimate game card?
  • paintkilla wrote: »
    what are you using to use paybycash? a ultimate game card?


    i still got $8 in this acc from other ugc's . haha
  • Okay. We'll have to wait and see if it returns
  • J.GowerJ.Gower Beginner
    ugc's are so expensive. like an extra 25%, which PBC didnt charge
  • LeYgLeYg Apprentice
    Yeah I heard it will come back in a couple of weeks. Dont worry :)
  • DelacosDelacos Holy Mage
    Hopefully we will have news on this within the next few days.

    Basically, don't toss them out until you hear news about it from z8 :)
  • we are gettin it back (a employee of Z8 games told me) but its comin out this fll and they might be comin out with there own card and an new gun that will come out is the xm21 have fun
  • CrossFireOnline (10 hours ago)

    I accidentally deleted a comment from a player inquiring about PaybyCash and UGC payment methods. I apologize. In response to your question:

    PayByCash and UGC should be back up as valid payment methods in the next 1 - 2 weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • im about to buy $30 in ugc.

    PBC Come back naooooooo ;]
  • bring back mobile
  • is there a date on when it will be back ? :[
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