Bonus Items and discounted ZP for MTC users in Turkey!

Attention Mercenaries of Turkey!

MTCGame and Z8Games celebrates students' winter vacation in Turkey by offering discounted prices for CF E-Pins and free in-game items upon redemption! Offers lasts from January 26th 2013, 12:00 AM EET until February 10th 11:59 PM EET, so top up your ZP while the promotion lasts!

For details on CF E-Pin discounts, go to MTC’s website:

Upon redemption of 20,000 ZP or more of CF E-Pin, receive FREE In-game items. Here is how it works!

BONUS SET 1 – For 20,000 ZP E-Pin redemption's, receive:
  • Summer 7 days
  • EXP50% Item – 7 days

BONUS SET 2 – For 50,000 ZP E-Pin redemption's, receive:
  • Summer 30 days
  • EXP50% Item – 30 days

BONUS SET – For 100,000 ZP E-Pin redemption's, receive:
  • Summer 90 days
  • EXP50% Item – 90 days

Each BONUS SET is provided only once per account. Multiple redemption's of MTC’s CF E-Pins in the same amount of ZP will not result in multiple provision of BONUS SETS.
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