D4rk$Sid3$ Recruits all time!

we are recruiting people lots any one who want to join,join ok u need to be a staff sergeant 3rd class if ur a little bit of a lower rank and your proness u can join we are pro we are in rank 502 and we are going good for now we have 38 members the clan leader is darkchichu,and LT's are JC313,VanZeyden,HotFire231 and wandanara.We dont hack like other noob clans i wont say anynames ill say it if you join our clan if i say it here they would be mad and stuff so ill tell u guys when your in clan we got 3 or more pro snipers and the others are good pros we fair we logg on alot we talk and make lots of clan matches,we hate hackers they mess up the game.CLAN D4rk$Sid3$ Join it!



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