Gate2Play New Payment Service - MENA region Payment Option for CF Players!


Attention Soldiers from the Middle East and North Africa

Today Cross Fire players from the Middle East and North Africa have a new way to secure ZP with the newest addition to our growing list of payment services: gate2play. Using their robust payment gateway services, gate2play accepts multiple forms of payment, including prepaid cards, direct deposit cards, mobile phone payments and major credit cards. gate2play is available in multiple languages and supports all regional currency, so there is no need to bother with exchange rates!

How do I recharge ZP with gate2play? It’s a simple process!

1) Sign into

2) Go to “Deposit” and select “Credit / Debit Card”

3) Select gate2play and choose your desire Z8 Points

4) Follow the simple checkout process

5) Enjoy your ZP!

(note that this option won't show unless you are from that particular region)
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