Crossfire wont work

when i clicked start new game today on crossfire it said file is changed............i dont know if the was because of a crossfire update and everyone else is having the same problem......please help!!!!:)


  • this is happening to me too
  • i was getting the same error the only way to make it work is to completly cut off all your security which means your computer will not be safe but thats the only way cf will load
  • Cross fire trojans

    When I try and Open crossfire it says there is a trojan in it. I have McAfee Security and i have read to torn it off when playing but I couldn't find out how to turn it off. I am also concerned with if I do i could get something bad on my comp. Please get back to me on how to fix this.
  • i have norton, and when i turn the game on, it says if i want to allow the game to run; sometimes it says its recommended if i block the program. I just click on always allow. nothing happens with my computer.

    I don't think you have to completely take off your security.
  • One thing yyou can do is uninstall cf and re down load it. If you have blue screen of dead ERROR you should use system restore in your com and restore it in the day you think cf can still working. If its still not work you should uninstall again and re download the new setup from this site. Good luck!!! IF Y;OU HAVE ANY QUESTION EMAIL ME IN <Removed> i will help you play cf correctly. If you want i can help you be a pro in cf ^^!
  • i cant start the game. it gives me an error message INITRENDERER error then it closes. please help.
  • idk

    help me i have the same problem file is changed!!!!!!!!!
  • Your antivirus most likely messed with a file

    Turn it off and redownload and reinstall and youll be fine
  • Your antivirus most likely messed with a file

    Turn it off and redownload and reinstall and youll be fine

    Really? Seems like that "file is changed" problem, along with FPS drops, people DCing all started to happened at the same time when the escape mode patch was released.
    I've it for 3 months like, redownload and reinstalled like 14 times and I still have that problem.
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    you got banned.
  • Not really, it's just a file error.. o_O
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