Z8Games Community Forum Rules 2.0

Z8Games Community Forum Rules 2.0
Last Update - September 14 2017

The following post is a list of all the forum rules that must be followed by all members of Z8Games. Please note that the entire forum is additionally governed by the Z8Games Terms of Use and the Forum Code of Conduct.

Please be sure to read all these rules. Breaking these rules will result in your posts being moderated (edited, deleted, closed, warning, infraction or forum bans). For an explanation of what post moderation is please read the section on Moderation.

Please use the search function if you are looking to locate information on a specific topic!

Note that forum suspensions may result in in-game and/or account bans.
Note that these rules are subject to change at any time. It is the users responsibility to keep track of the rules. Announcements will be made when updates to these happen.

Forum Rules
  • Do not impersonate any Game Manager or Game Master or official G4Box, Z8Games, or staff members.
  • Do not impersonate any Moderator.
  • Please use Private Messages to send direct messages to other users. If their inboxes are full then please wait until there is room.
  • Do not send Private Messages about Lost Accounts to GMs or Moderators. Please use our support site.
  • Note that Rules contained in this post will apply to all aspects of the forum. (ie post rules still count for avatars, signatures, visitor messages, etc)

Posting Rules
  • Please post in English. Non English posts are subject to closure or moderation.
  • Do not link to sites containing adult, offensive or sexual content.
  • Do not link to sites that promote game hacking (of any kind).
  • Do not link to sites that promote software piracy or illegal downloads.
  • Do not link to sites which use ad referral links, large amounts of pop-up advertizing or which may contain ads which impart malware/spyware on local pc's.
  • Do not post images of nudity (includes implied and suggestive sexuality. If you want to go look at the Victoria's Secret Catalog then go to their website), extreme violence (includes animal cruelty), racism or drugs. This also includes pictures of people in lingerie or underwear.
  • Do not post personal images of other people or users.
  • Do not make any posts which support any illegal activities (standards based on US/CAN/UK Law).
  • Do not make any posts supporting sexism, racism or hatred and discrimination towards a race, country, religion or organization.
  • Do not make posts in which the sole purpose of the post is to provoke, flame, or otherwise illicit a negative response from another user.
  • Do not make posts which accuse a player or group of hacking within Lost Saga/Cross Fire or any other game.
  • Do not make posts which promote the buying, selling or sharing of accounts or items which relate to video games.
  • Do not make posts which display personal information of other users.
  • Do not make posts which use excessive page breaks (greater than 5 in a row).
  • Do not make threads directed at one specific user or staff member. (please use Private Messages, if their inbox is full then wait for an opportunity)
  • Do not make posts directed at one use which may be interpreted as 'off-topic' discussion with a current discussion.
  • Do not make posts about Moderator Conduct. Inform our staff by using Private Messages or our support page.
  • Do not spam the forums. Spam includes repeated content in multiple threads and/or multiple forums. (this also includes encouragement to spam and responses to spam)
  • Do not bump threads. Bumping threads includes reminders for people to look at specific content displayed earlier in a thread, or to put the thread at the top of the list, this also includes necroposting.
  • Do not use profanity in your posts.
  • Do not use implied profanity to illicit or provoke a negative response from other users or organizations. Ex: Typing "**** off" is no different than if you actually typed the swear word or not. They are both liable for moderation.
  • Do not attempt to spoil patch contents by posting Datamined game files. This will be considered hacking and you will be permanently banned from the forums, in game and on your alternates.
  • Do not break the forum html format by posting images larger than 850px wide. Images between 850 - 1300px wide can be removed at the discretion of a moderator or admin. Images larger than 1300px will result in the image being removed and a possible infraction or warning handed out. If you have to post a larger image, please link to it via a thumbnail or html link.
  • Please keep intelligent discussion about politics or science to Off Topic forums only.
  • Please do not Necropost (bump) threads older than 14 days.
  • Please do not post petitions for issues and causes that you support (game or otherwise).
  • Please do not use the Cross Fire forums to promote the buying or selling of any real world goods and services.
  • Please do not post about other free to play games or competitive FPS games. Note that we all play many different video games and there is nothing wrong with that. But use those games forums for appropriate discussion of those games. Not the Z8Games or Cross Fire forums.
  • Please do not post screenshots of your tickets, ticket responses, or private messages with staff. This includes infraction notifications.

Posts about Bans/Hacks/Closed or Deleted Threads
  • Posts created with the sole purpose of inquiring why someone was banned, why a thread was closed or an infraction given will be subject to moderation. If you have an inquiry as to why you were suspended, banned, removed, closed etc. then please use our support page.
  • Alternate accounts used for the purposes of posting about the above will also be subject to moderation. Please use our support page to ask questions or dispute actions.

Forum Avatar/Signature Rules
  • Posting Rules apply to signature and avatar rules if not otherwise listed below.
  • Do not use images of nudity or sexual images or text. This includes implied and suggestive sexuality and drawn nudity. This also includes pictures of people in lingerie or underwear. (If you want to go look at the Victoria's Secret Catalog then go to their website)
  • Do not use any racism, hate or discrimination images or text.
  • Do not use profanity or swear words in images or text.
  • Do not use implied profanity or swear words in images or text.
  • Do not use any references to illegal activities such as Drug Use. (US/CAN/UK Standards)
  • Do not impersonate any official staff member or Moderator by copying images or text.
  • Please do not fake a signature image by posting an image at the bottom of every post.
  • Do not copy any users forum signature or avatar with the expressed purpose of impersonating said user.
  • Do not use any signature over the size of 800 x 300. Signatures that are too large will be requested to be removed. Failure to do so upon request of a MOD or GM will result in an infraction
  • Do not use screenshots of your tickets, ticket responses, or private messages with staff. This includes infraction notifications.
Do not harass other players or Staff members on these forums. Harassment cases will be treated by context and evidence must be provided or shown. If a player feels that they are being harassed they have the right to contact a moderator, gm or our support staff and cite examples of the case. At that point a ruling will be made by the staff member or moderator as to the type and severity of the action based on the case presented and the context of that case.

Harassment issues in-game should only be handled by visiting our support site.

Other Versions of Games on the Z8Games Platform
  • Please do not post (or link to) images and content from other versions of Cross Fire or Lost Saga.
  • Please do not ask questions about content from other versions of Cross Fire or Lost Saga.
  • Posts containing images, content or discussion about other versions of Cross Fire or Lost Saga are subject to moderation.

What is Post Moderation?
Post Moderation is an action taken by a GM or Moderator on a specific forum post, forum thread or forum account.
Moderation occurs in the forum of Thread Closure, Post/Thread Deletion, Post/Thread editing, Rule Warnings and Infractions.
In addition to this the Moderator may send a private message indication a specific action needs to be taken, these kinds of messages are expected to be followed or further moderation may occur.
Moderators or GM staff have the right to issue the above Moderation's based on the Forum Rules listed throughout this post.

Moderator Conduct

Moderators will work to the best of their abilities to give a meaningful reason for their actions on these boards.
If you have a dispute with an action from a moderator you are expected to follow the below 3 steps in order:
  • Take the dispute up with the moderator in private via PM.
  • Send a support ticket in citing full proof and examples.
You are expected to treat the moderating staff with respect and courtesy. Failure to do so will result in moderation based on the rules set out in this thread.

Receiving an infraction or ban
  • You are expected to read and follow the above rules. Failure to do so will result in moderation of your posts as well as warnings and infractions which may lead to bans.
  • Warnings and Infractions will be handed out based on context of the issue. The more severe the way a rule is broken, the higher the punishment.
  • Repeat offenders will also be treated more strictly.
  • Note that warnings do not count towards your infraction point total. They are designed to inform you of a rule that you have broken.
  • If you receive a ban on the forums that you believe is unjust, then you must submit a support ticket with your case and await a ruling by the Z8Games staff. There is no time guarantee on this process.
  • Infractions are permanent marks on your record. Receiving 10 of these will result in the permanent removal of the account from our forums.
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