Update on LFT- Definitely looking for ESG team.

Hey guys, dag here. My plans for an ESG team fell through / were non-existent so I'm looking for a team to play ESG with for sure. Some things you should know:

- I'm a hybrid and can compete against top teams with both a rifle and a sniper
- I have a lot of experience (3 years?) playing CF competitively.
- I'm 15 years old (going on 16, for what it's worth).
- I'm able to be serious when it counts and I can enjoy myself when it doesn't.
- I will not sub.
- I'm very active and can practice several times a week.
- I have/can get basically whatever your team is using as voice communcation
- I constantly have 38 ping and 200 FPS.

Anyway, I'm looking for a team that will be active and will take ESG seriously. I'm currently shopping around the market for teams and have one offer so far that I'm looking into. However, don't let this discourage you as no plans are final and I'm still looking.

I would like this team to be willing to put as much work as I will into playing ESG. I expect the team to have scheduled practices and active members. I will not play with cheaters or people who straight up suck. I also will not play with players that I don't like. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.

You can contact me by
xfire:iamawaitress (preferred)
Posting in this thread
or by PMing me

Have any questions? Xfire me or post here.


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