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    xfire me: imawaitress
  • [23:24] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: [22:15] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: hey
    [22:15] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: HELLO
    [22:16] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: care if we speak?
    [22:16] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: k
    [22:16] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: wanna get on this mumble?
    [22:16] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: no
    [22:16] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: getting off soon
    [22:16] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: actually bout to get on mobil
    [22:16] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: you should give me a few minutes.
    [22:16] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: i think it will be worth your time
    [22:16] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: k go
    [22:17] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: get on mumble
    [22:17] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: id rather not type a book
    [22:17] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: nah
    [22:17] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: well.
    [22:17] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: basically
    [22:18] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: I know i've said some dumb **** and made some idiotic remarks, but honestly im a good guy, i've known ralf for a while (back when i wasn't the prepaid i am today, the competetion kinda got to my head i guess and it made something trip inside me. i appoligize for the remarks i've made tword you and i hope you can look past them
    [22:18] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: i know what your'e thinking..
    [22:19] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: (o prepaid is an egotistic ****** bag who trolls the forums all day)
    [22:19] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: believe me
    [22:19] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: i know
    [22:19] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: im trying to get back to my old phase (if im not almost there already)
    [22:20] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: i actually used to respect everybody who we played against.
    [22:20] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: then eotL started getting good...
    [22:21] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: we started beating everybody and keeping up with the best teams around.. an ego from inside me released. i started talking **** and yes i did say alot of players sucked.
    [22:21] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: but in my mind.. it was just **** talk
    [22:21] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: i didn't actually understand how people took that in.
    [22:21] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: and looking back at it now
    [22:21] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: it sucks
    [22:21] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: honestly erick
    [22:21] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: it sucks
    [22:21] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: we created eotL and practiced from 3:00- 10:30 everyday for 3 months
    [22:22] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: actually my problem is
    [22:22] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: compaired to the old facedown
    [22:22] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: Eotl wasnt good
    [22:22] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: Then you decided
    [22:22] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: to say how everyone has lan exp
    [22:22] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: Source season wins
    [22:22] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: lost all respoect
    [22:22] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: Tryign to get that sponser
    [22:22] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: your'e right
    [22:23] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: that was bad
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: See i wouldnt care
    [22:23] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: real bad
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: but then
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: after that
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: you talked **** about it
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: And you're legit
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: mroe of a laughing stock than gurp now
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: just because of that
    [22:23] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: i know that
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: Even ralf and snot are
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: yo realise
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: a player like me
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: Joining a team like eotl
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: makes me look bad
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: Then i i join
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: Snot and ralf get good
    [22:23] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: And me and jkeith make this team good
    [22:24] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: just because they played with people who know how to play
    [22:24] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: honestly though
    [22:24] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: Still not digin you joining because everyday people are making fun of me
    [22:24] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: well my plan is.
    [22:24] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: sure theyre decent players
    [22:24] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: but you ruin
    [23:24] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: ed ryan ralf and snot
    [23:30] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: [22:25] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: i woulden't necessarily say i ruined them
    [22:25] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: you only know my half of the story
    [22:25] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: but i don't want to get into that
    [22:26] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: what i'm saying is..
    [22:26] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: i don't care if im 8th man or whatever. me and ralf are good friends and i think FDN would be the best choice for me right now. i already talked a long time with ralf about everything we've talked about and more.
    [22:27] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: i realised i was wrong.
    [22:27] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: and i plan to rename prepaid/ the forum name to completely different random numbers and letters (834u3hg) to conceal the past.
    [22:27] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: rename Blink to prepaid and go from there.
    [22:28] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: believe me erick
    [22:28] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: Im really a very cool person
    [22:28] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: and im not just saying that
    [22:28] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: im veryyyyy laid back
    [22:28] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: im always on when needed, and 1 phone call away
    [22:28] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: i don't expect you to want me into the team.
    [22:29] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: but it would sure be a dam big help if i could have you on my side.
    [22:29] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: Well
    [22:29] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: We can have a team vote
    [22:29] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: All im goig nto say for now
    [22:29] fDN ERICK #IzGmedia: going*
    [22:31] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: Alright, i understand. i'm trying to get back into the competetion the best i can, but in this situation i dont know much more then what ralf does best
    [22:31] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: ive been in some of the top teams even after eotl
    [22:31] Prepaid Ak-47 \__: and its just not the same
  • xDerekxDerek Apprentice
    I can't believe I just read all that.. Good luck prepaid..
  • what top teams has prepaid been in after eotL again?
  • sbvermS wrote: »
    what top teams has prepaid been in after eotL again?

    Synical bro.
  • I wonder if he bought the zp to change his name with a ... prepaid card.

  • DatMuffin wrote: »
    I wonder if he bought the zp to change his name with a ... prepaid card.


  • xDerek wrote: »
    I can't believe I just read all that.. Good luck prepaid..
    word.. i can't believe i read all of that too , good luck prepaid!

    ^ you nerd , up so early affff <3
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