bd. is looking for GOOD sniper!!

Are you interested in the competitive aspect of Cross Fire?
Give us a shot m8
Have a look at our recruitment post on the forum. Here is the link:
we also have oure own Vent and website so everybody has a headset
you can add me on xfire: bartzandvoort

GL finding yourself a clan


  • phubezphubez Holy Mage
    Good clan with good players.
  • bd.bartbd.bart Beginner
    yes we are a good clan with good players :D
    and we train alot and wanna get the best at ESL ;)
  • EmoreKEmoreK Beginner
    We are of course looking for EU players, since we are looking forward to take part in ESL.
    Feel free to join our vent at any time so you can have a chat with us and see how the ambiance is xD.
  • 2_scope2_scope Knight-Errant
    Good luck recuting
  • bd.bartbd.bart Beginner
    thnx I hope that we find A Good sniper;)
  • best sniper i no is popo he can get a head shot and if u watch replay u needa slow down 2 o.o5 to see him use scope
  • SIlent if the best sniper u know is popo u dont know many snipers :x
  • He Suicidalboat let the snipers take a look at this post then :)
  • I used to be popo's clan leader and he was our 4th sniper, his k/d ratio is insane cos he farmed and yes he admitted on Teamspeak he did, only reason he is good in an edit is because its a compilation of tons of pubs.

    And all the good clanless sniper i know quit this game.
  • Okeej why they quit?
    but if you know good and nice CF people feel free to let them take a look at this post :)
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