Earn Free ZP - Mail-in Promo at Coinstar With Rixty!

Rixty, lets you earn free ZP with the Mail-in Promo at Coinstar!

Ever wish you could get bonus ZP for free? Well, now you can get an extra 25% free! From November 9th through December 6th you can earn $10 free when you deposit $40 or more into your Rixty account using Coinstar machines. Use this bonus to buy and spend $10 in extra ZP for free!

We know you have that jar of coins by your desk just sitting there begging to be spent. Now is the perfect time to turn that spare change into even more money with Rixty’s mail-in offer.

Rixty lets you purchase ZP by exchanging your coins for FREE at 10,000 Coinstar machines throughout the USA.

It's easy! Here's how:
  1. Click here to find the Coinstar machine nearest you.
  2. Deposit $40 on more in cash and coins.
    • For coins, select “Giftcard/Free Coin Counting” then select Rixty
    • For cash, select “Buy Prepaid Products” then select Rixty
  3. Your receipt will have a Rixty code worth your full deposit amount and a coupon form.
  4. Fill out and mail in the form to receive your free $10 Rixty coupon to buy extra ZP
You can also buy a Rixty prepaid card at thousands of convenience stores, but you’ll need to buy Rixty through a Coinstar machine to get this free bonus.

Only one coupon per household, so make sure you deposit your coins and mail in the form before your roommates or family members do! The promotion ends December 6th, so act now to get your free cash and ZP.

For full Terms & Conditions of the promotion click HERE.

For more information about Rixty, visit www.rixty.com.

Enjoy your bonus ZP!

-Z8Games Team
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