Item Giveaway Extravaganza?

I Dont Get it, so i have to watch the sights suggested at times to get a prize?

Where are u going to write the codes?

Are you gonna make a sub-heading for them or just sneak them in somewhere?

i need a lil help! lol :p


  • [dot][dot] Archduke
    They'll most likely just throw out a list in the open on each site.
    And probably also provide a link as to where to enter them.
  • [Rory][Rory] Archduke
    yeh there was one a while ago when the axe was released, they put a redeem code button on the site so im guessing they'll do the same. I think the codes will be clearly displayed on the site somewhere. :)
  • will they post different codes randomly on the different sites, or the same code on each site at the same time?
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