How to buy ZP with paypal please

How to buy ZP with paypal please !!!


  • DelacosDelacos Holy Mage
    go to the item mall and click the depost button on the right side of the page, which is at

    After clicking this, the paypal option is already hilighted, and you just have to select which amount of zp you want to purchase!

    Just make sure to be logged into the account you want to buy it on, and it will work :)
  • Lady_LuckLady_Luck Apprentice
    Can you buy zp if your paypal account is unverified?
  • DelacosDelacos Holy Mage
    Yes and no.

    I believe you can, but it takes alot longer for paypal to move over the funds. This was one of the probelms some users had in the past. It will work eventually, but it might take a couple days.
  • [dot][dot] Archduke
    My account is unverified and I never had any delays with payment.

    It takes 1-2 days from the bank to Paypal, but thats only natural.

    There is no delay Paypal > Z8.
  • Lady_LuckLady_Luck Apprentice
    Thanks for answering my question. Can't wait to buy it next week!
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