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How to talk to a stranger?

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  • How to talk to a stranger?

    I don’t know why I remembered about it, but .. I could never find the right words to start a conversation with a stranger. I am not talking about business conversation or everyday casual meetings. I'm talking about the case when you like a person and want to meet. It's not difficult for me to take the first step. However, almost all my endeavors do not end with a phone number ((What do you usually say when you want to develop a relationship?

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    The easiest way to find a new acquaintance is to use the Internet. I've always talked a lot in chats and forums. Here I don't care how good I look)) The main thing is whether I can interest the girl. There is an excellent site with a large number of participants - Try to start chatting. It's not hard. Do not be discouraged if you are not answered. It's easier than looking into your eyes, isn't it?


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      We live in a social and interactive world. Our success in life depends on our ability to communicate and interact with each other – at home, at school, at work, everywhere. So, I can totally understand you. Those tips ( helped me, so maybe they will be helpful for you too. Good luck!