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  • Any game choices?

    looking for a new game to play, when i get tired of playing LS, but dont know any, so can someone recommend an mmorpg?
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    SkySaga is also a good game. ( Still in Alpha, but they give me TONS of keys, so I can give out when they spam me a new promotion email )

    #Overwatch Beta Hype

    I am using Fightcade atm. ( For PC you need the real game or some mods for it to work but I can help with that ) Play games Like Marvel vs Capcom 1-2 and Street Fighter 3rd Strike online for free without paying (illegal i suppose but who really cares)

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      Personally aside from LS, I play Smite (moba wise sometimes League), MMOrpg wise if it even counts I play Elsword because of the good events, also Riders of Icarus played on all the betas, such a fun game, it will be releasing next month, so you could check that out, it has a really cool mount system (Dragons holy molly!). If you're into Starwars, Old Republic is a good game, tho it's better if you subscribe but yeah overall it's really good. Guild Wars 2 is also really good, Blade an Soul though I haven't played it, seems okay. aside from those if you're into single player games i'd recomend Hyperdimension Neptunia games on steam, really, really good games.


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        Dc universe? Played that for awhile and enjoyed it for what it was.
        My only other suggestion would be a old over the top shooter i used to play called stick figure online arena. Its really a jump in and out type of game. Played the hell out of it when i was in the 6th grade

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          Just tried out Tree of Savior yesterday with an old friend'a' mine.

          Aside from the fact that it's 1+ gigs bigger than Overwatch--at a whopping 7.1 gigs--It's pretty nice. It's not a point and click game, which surprised me. I went in knowing nothing about it, aside from a tiny bit of gameplay.
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