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[Hero Contest] - Magic Gunner / Otherworld Gunner

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  • [Hero Contest] - Magic Gunner / Otherworld Gunner

    Basic attacks (non gun mode) :

    The first 2 basic kicks don't use any ammo but the third hit does.

    Before we begin, I'll lay out the elements for you.

    D = Fire

    S = Ice

    A = Light / Holy

    Hold D = Dark

    Standing Basics:

    The first two basic kicks don't use ammo, but the third it does. How much ammo it uses depends on the attack.

    D, D, Hold D, D

    Two kicks, then a sweeping kick that emits a shockwave that knocks back very far, and hits grounded. Uses 4 of your 8 ammo. Has a followup that uses another 4 of your 8 ammo.

    The last D, for the price of all of your ammo it squashes enemies if it connects, like Pro Wreslter air hold D. This synergizes well with the Reload cancel / Reload Dash input attack. (Will go into later)

    D, D, A

    Two kicks, then a quick knee to the gut with holy attribute on it. So, instead of ust falling down like normal, the target hit with holy will fly back / float for a bit. Sort of like magnet helm, but not nearly as bad.

    Its unknown how much amothe knee takes. I would assume 2-3.

    Bonus: If ammo is used to do the knee, your tail also attacks behind you. But instead of knocking in the air like your knee would,k it whips downwards grounding the enexpected

    and. . . i cant type aymore I'm actually blanking out sorry.

    Design basically set in stone by this point: Was playing around with a few design quirks, such as goat horns / halo for the angelic side of the jacket, etc etc.

    Unfinished Hero "Render:

    old first attempt before the design was even remotely finished:

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      Originally posted by Crotchy View Post
      Hi there! Sorry, I actually made A TON more than this, but when I started this thread up I was really pushing myself. Like I said in the post, I was blanking out. I'll see if I can't remake this thread with the rest of the art / moveset. Maybe even the other Hero Contest entries I thought up. (Potion Brewer / Apothocary , Heavy Bolt / Arbalist, and one other I think.)


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        is that game intrastate enough to make me play it ???