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*New Sniper *VIP* ( " *Barret M82A1 Born Beast* ")

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  • *New Sniper *VIP* ( " *Barret M82A1 Born Beast* ")

    In these days, Snipers can make more impact than Rifles or any other Machine guns and Sub-machine guns.
    The sniper rifles have been making a tremendous progress in every aspect.
    As so, CF introduces a new Sniper Rifle *VIP*.

    *Current VIPs:
    #4 Rifles:

    ->2 M4 :

    *M4A1-S Iron Beast*


    *M4A1-S Obsidian Beast*

    ->2 AK :

    *AK Fury*


    *AK Beast*

    ->2 MG :

    *Thompson Infernal Dragon*


    *RPK Infernal Dragon*


    ->1 sniper :

    *AWM Infernal Dragon*

    Another Sniper must be placed into battle and as so the legendary and one of the most powerfull snipers in the world steps up to make a massacre.

    Introducing in CF NA/UK *Barret M82A1 Born Beast*:

    So you may seen this weapon in other CF's servers, it's on CF China and Vietnam and our should place this new sniper on the vip list for their fantastic details (look, power, versatility and unicness)
    2 M4, 2 AK, 2 MG and now it's time for 2 Snipers not just 1.

    Just another suggestion -> Player's name: " *[RL]BaDasS ".

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    INB4 closed because you can't post content from other versions here. Thats quite obvious isn't it?

    We still don't know which VIP weapon we are going to get so get some patience would you?


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      Take it easy... Early or late going arrive your favorite weapon...
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        It's not going to come for a long while. Chances are, after kukri VIP its most likely to be M4-Jewlery, since we still need all the other Barrett Variants (they play a huge role in the barrett family), ya know, like RD, LD, ID
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          Just bring the damn Kukri VIP <3

          I don't care about anything else :P , CF EU will get it now ( 11 sep. I guess ) ._. so wish we get it next month hopefully ? :3

          And btw tommy VIP is a SMG not MG
          IGN : Iam_505h*_*


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            No more VIPs. :/
            Now every ****** who has no skill thinks himself an important.pffff bch plz.
            Please G4box/SmileGate or whoever, think more about improving the gameplay not about making money.

            For the people who are asking for new VIP,
            How can you play with your lovely VIP in a game filled of hackers and has no hack shield or whatever...
            Don't be an idiot and think more.
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              I Think New Golden Weapons In BM Coupon Better Than New ViP Weapon


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                This post made me laugh, I literally read this post as if he's advertising it on a TV.
                I want C.Axe Rose.
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                  Barret liquid metal would be nice. Liquid metal guns are light
                  Barret with metal op