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Back to School Report Card - September 15 to 21

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  • Back to School Report Card - September 15 to 21

    Attention Mercenaries,

    Here at CrossFire School of AK-47 Shooting and C4 Planting we are preparing to start a new Academic Year,
    so get your books and notes ready (or your weapons and Bomb defusing kits, whatever helps the most),
    because we want everyone getting the best scores and no accidents with misplaced bombs like last year!

    During the week from September 15th to September 21st, Prof. Moony will have for you a series of activities to achieve, so you can complete your Report Card and getting the honor of being a Grade A Student!

    That's right! If you get Grade A in 3 or more of your 7 subjects, you will receive the Grade A Student Ribbon, besides a lot of crates depending on your final scores of each subject.

    Algebra: Do you know how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Figure it out and get up to 10 Phoenix Set Crates!

    Business: Do you know where to invest? Which promotion is the best? Invest cleverly and get up to 50 MechaBee Crates!

    Urban Landscapes: How much do you know about our architecture and natural outposts? Get cool pictures for up to 20 Old But Gold Crates! (Check your progress in these particular maps HERE)

    Physical Education: Do you think your Boss has more stamina than your rival's? Beat'em running and get up to 10 Fast n Furious Set Crates!

    Art of War: How much do you know about weapons? Can you handle them all? Time to prove it with a lot of kills for up to 15 Undercover Set Crates!

    Mythology: There are a lot of strong monsters out there, some look even god-like, can you beat them all? Don't be afraid of their look and win up to 20 ZM Special Crates!

    Evolutionary Biology: Mercenaries and monsters are not the only ones in this game! Get along with our Green friends for up to 10 Wacky Summer Crates!

    Don't let your homework to the last day, because the tests are not going to be that easy to pass!

    Check how much you have studied HERE

    I hope I won't catch you running in the hallways!
    -CrossFire Team

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    this event is very haaaaaaaard but its okay no problem


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      Sounds good.


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        First time competing in this event, let's try to get the ribbon!


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            Any hints for this one?


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              avent vareyy hard


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                Thank grаss i'm done with this event in the prev year.

                Why did u set so titanic efforts?


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                  Very nice.


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                    ON Phys.Ed Win games in Boss Battle ? OR Play Time which is it? so confusing wording on report card tasks.
                    60 or more
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                      EZ WINS EZ EVENT
                      IGN; Nawar
                      Leader Of Clan; lHoTl
                      Stats; VIP's; 58 - Player Since; 2009 - Honorable Ribbon - Verified


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                        Win games in Boss Battle

                        This is the ZM modes? Who knows
                        IGN; Nawar
                        Leader Of Clan; lHoTl
                        Stats; VIP's; 58 - Player Since; 2009 - Honorable Ribbon - Verified


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                          how i can do it take


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                            what i can do it about


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                              I already have the ribbon.
                              I will only do this for the checkouts.
                              Thank you.