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Flowering Funds: May 1st - May 31st

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  • Flowering Funds: May 1st - May 31st

    Attention Mercenaries,

    Spring is officially in full bloom, and that means the bees are buzzing, the birds are singing, and your ZP funds are blooming in full!

    From May 1st to May 31st, you can earn bonus items and 50% Bonus ZP on your first purchase of the month!

    Tier 1 (5,000 ZP - 19,999 ZP):
    M4A1-S-Pink Crystal 7 Days
    B.C.-Axe-Ares 7 Days
    Bullet Proof Helmet & Vest 7 Days
    5 Free Crate Tickets

    Tier 2 (20,000 ZP - 99,999 ZP):
    M4A1-S-Pink Crystal 30 Days
    B.C.-Axe-Ares 30 Days
    Bullet Proof Helmet & Vest 30 Days
    10 Free Crate Tickets
    PLUS everything from Tier 1!

    Tier 3 (100,000 ZP+)
    M4A1-S-Pink Crystal 60 Days
    B.C.-Axe-Ares 60 Days
    Bullet Proof Helmet & Vest 60 Days
    20 Free Crate Tickets
    PLUS Everything From Tiers 1 And 2!!

    First time purchasing ZP? You'll get EVEN MORE! First time buyers will ALSO receive:
    1 IGN Change Item
    5 Free Crate Tickets
    AWM Blue Pottery 30 Days
    Fox Howl Grenade 30 Days

    (Note that you still need at least 5,000 ZP in a single purchase to qualify for the first time buyers package)

    Time to grow your inventory, mercenaries!

    -CrossFire Team

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    That's not good


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      Very nice offer indeed, like it was almost every month since january 2019 with a few exceptions, but , it cant motivate me enough when i see a non-legit player values more than a legit player, when the things will be the other way and legit players will be in top ranked zm and non-legit banned, than and only than i can be motivated enough by this monthly offers.


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        Nice bonus


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          Nice offer for people interested in buying zp monthly for black Friday offers

          but It is also better to pay attention to the server and with those errors that we see with every update

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            nice event <3


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              Nice event!!!


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                Nice event , wait, you say 100k+ zp, so... can I buy more than 100k? How?
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                Future soldier.


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                  i love MG


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                    How To Get This ?


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                      Nice Event


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                        Nice event , wait, you say 100k+ zp, so... can I buy more than 100k? How?


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                          Never get this reward. I bought ZP on the 1st of May.


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                            Ok thanks


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                              I bought 100k zp (I got 150k) and in the 35 free crate tickets i won kukri jade and desert eagle kokhloma!!!! really lucky! I'm very happy