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Frag, Melee, Kill - OCTOBER 4 - 9

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  • Frag, Melee, Kill - OCTOBER 4 - 9

    Attention Mercs,

    Its that time of the year, where we really want to test your metal.
    We want to make sure that our Mercenaries are well rounded and aren't just hiding behind their guns.

    We have a task for you!

    Players who earn kills with specific weapons will receive rewards, like:

    200 Rifle kills
    AK-47-Knife-Ultimate Gold 14 days + M4 Commando Crate x5

    80 Sniper kills
    AWM-Ultimate Gold 14 days + Red Sniper Crate x5

    200 Shotgun kills
    Jack Hammer-Ultimate Gold 14 days + Sterling-Armsel Crate x5

    200 Pistol kills
    Mauser M1896-Libra 14 days + Colt Pistol Crate x5

    200 Melee kills
    Shovel-Ultimate Gold 14 days + BC-Axe-Ares Crate x5

    30 Grenade kills
    Banana Grenade 30 days + Vulcan Set A Crate x5

    Players who complete all weapon kills receive:

    Vulcan Set B Crate x10

    *Games have to be completed to count
    Zombie Mode, Bot and Mutation games do not count
    Password Protected rooms do not count*

    Keep track of your progress HERE

    All rewards will be distributed after maintenance

    Time converter at

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    Nice so the patch is on day 9 hopefully something good and spooky ​​​​​​​
    2012-03-25 1000000 GP Congratulations


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      Originally posted by DRJOSEDRJOSE View Post
      Nice so the patch is on day 9 hopefully something good and spooky ​​​​​​​
      its one day 10 not 9 cuz event will end in 9 wish a new map zm come xD


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        Trg red tape, colt saa and M4 commando omg <3 now is the time to be lucky when spinning..
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          So patch day is October 9th?
          thank you for da ribbon


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            Seems to be a good event, I will try to get most of this. Thank you!
            I'm here only to read the comments...


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              Really nice that it is a wonderful event I hope that you continue I have liked the game a lot and will continue and told my friends about it


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                If there was a ribbon after the event ended it was better but anyway nice

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                  Good event thanks Gm on event


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                    Originally posted by (YOUSEFBOB) View Post
                    If there was a ribbon after the event ended it was better but anyway nice

                    Ribbons are meant to be rare so they shouldn't release them too often
                    "Whosoever holds this Honorable Soldier Ribbon, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Honorable Soldier"


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                      You say mutant mode not count
                      So is hero mode and X is count ?


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                        Very Good Event at leasts its Not hard that is good....


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                          5 crates... 5 chances of getting a commando... 5 times the yellow ball will tease me and be right next to the top, feelsgoodman


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                            Sweet =D !
                            NAME: 125hz



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                              Looks good =)) Guess i will be playing some TD to get those nade kills.
                              NOT Suzy]MissA ingame, this is a copy cat.