Run Time error ?

Yo, im getting one anoying error all the time -.-'

I make one match and then i am going to join the 2 match its gives this error..

and then i click ok ...

Everytime that i am going to join the 2 match it gives this error...and then i have to start the game again ... -.-

Is this happening only to me ? ... Should i reinstall crossfire or try to fix this run time error ?

Note: Thats my background image xD not crossfire in game...


  • same problem here.
    but i dont always face to this problem.
    twice a day ..
    hope that problem will be solved too .
    have a nice day.
  • Hey i have the same problem each second game...
    hope they fix it
  • same problem?????

    i get the first part but not the second. i tryed compatiblity mode - didnt work
    i tryed running as admin didnt work
    i re-installed the game didnt work
    updated graphics card didnt work

    ty :) ikso
  • jf33ccjf33cc Apprentice
    i dc all time in mutin mode only i ask mods but get no responce dont think u will eather any time soon hope they are doing somthing
  • same problem

    I have the same problem n e one know how to fix this´.
  • this is really annoying men... i fell like stoping playing this game anymore but im addicted to it lolz
    well i think i will wait until they fix this .. i hope at least some mod or admin see this thread....

    Regards. Gonna try reinstall the game to see what happens... see u guys later
  • i get this error as well but only when i go to exit the game -.- even then its still aggervating
  • NkizNkiz Apprentice
    I know your feeling... :)
    FIX IT Z8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hey
    i have the same problem since this new patch before the patch i had it too but it didnt shut down after each game so i could handle it... but now after each game?!?!
    thats unbelivable and it makes me angry ... :P

    this is the 4thread i write in with this problem and always no answer came... thats poor -.-
    PLS HELP US!!!! AND FIX IT!!!!
  • same here. I only got it once :D
  • Hey i have the problem already... WHY dont you FIX it?! or WHY dont you ANSWER us why you CANT fix it or why dont you answer WHY we HAVE this problem!? and WHY dont you say us how we can BYPASS it?!
    PLS ANSWER!!!!!!!
  • WiseYodaWiseYoda Knight-Errant
  • Seriously

    i have tryed everything

    - it cant be windows as it works on my home computer just not my laptop

    - cant be drives as they are all updated

    - cant be anti - virus as i played with and without

    - i re-installed the game but could try installing it without anti-virus on

    - i play with admin rights so thats not it

    can anyone else point out something i have not tried or somehting that someone else tryed at it worked????
  • hmm i have the same problem....
    and i played a month whith it (since mutation mode patch) but now im getting angry...
    i found ca 15threads whith this probleme and no where any idea how to be pass it an no where any answer of mods that they fix it... :((

    did anyone send a e-mail to z8games?

    i hope they will fix it but i dont think they will...
  • -.-' 2 months with this problem... they didnt fix it yet ....
    i've been inactive for almost 2 months or more...

    And i dont see any mod, or admin saying least tell us what can we do... should we wait or unistall this b.s. ?? already reinstalled the game didnt work.

  • my friend have it too sometimes...
  • awsome0dudeawsome0dude Knight-Errant
    same prob. allready posted cf client error. look at it.


  • Plz fix this!!!!!!! :C
  • oh its fixed xD

    Thanks .
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