LuckyChamz looking for clanzzz

Hey…well I was lt of the “new” deception but I left them partly because of what happened…I guess Ill tell the story…Well I love to play Lacrosse when me and a couple of friends were messing around I kind of got nailed in the head with a lax stick…I ruptured my left eardrum when I got hit with the stick and then Fell on my right ear…causing the right eardrum to “partially” rupture…So I can’t hear out of my left ear…and I can hear slightly out of my right ear…Ruptured Eardrums heal in about 2 months(FML)…So I won’t be able to hear a lot of the game sounds…I found that If I turn everyone up on vent to max I can kind of hear people…lol

So I’m not looking for a major scrim clan…atm but just a clan that likes to pub and have fun xD…ps I’m beast at MM lol

Heres my app:
Decent player
Ask any1 I’ve been in clan with…they will prob say I’m the coolest jew to talk too.
Xfire: klrmlr
I’m overly active on this game…
2.5ish k/d in pubs
1.4ish k/d in scrims (thx to paradox)

One last thing…I would like to say sorry to Krausbomb1 because if any1 who has ever played in a scrim with me knows I do this krausbomb1 “impression”…me and slaya love it but…It is really messed up…And now I know it sucks not being able to hear xD…


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