Flash Bangs freeze me

I am not joking, and I am 100% sure it happens every time. Others have seen it and I am aware of it.

What I want to know is why it happens and how to stop it from happening. Here is the deal-eo.

Once I get flashed to the peak of it, where your screen would normally go all white, I freeze and my game doesn't accept commands until the flash runs out. Kind of like me lagging, I will freeze in mid-air if that is when I was fully flashed.

Things I've tried to stop it from happening:

-Changing graphics and resolution
-Taking off flash goggles

If anyone knows why this happens and could help, please do.

Edit: It started happening after the Halloween patch if I remember correctly.


  • BUMP. Still looking for support on this issue, as are a few other people.
  • Possibly your video card? I havent experienced this problem.
  • I play other games as well, this is the only one it happens on. <--- Brought that up because someone with a similar issue said that it happened in both CF and CS:S when flashed for him. He said it was his video card.
  • This has always happened for me on both this computer and my old one, which range from low end nVidia cards to top end ATi cards, so it can't be a video card issue. Also, in CS:S, I don't freeze while flashed.
  • id like to know too...

    Nvr use to have this issue...

    Had to reformat lost my CPU OC settings ect.

    Re overclocked my CPU again.

    FPS comes back.

    Same gfx card before and after.

    All drivers updated before and after :)

    So yes what causes this.

    other then buy a new PC "Cause i know this already"

    also been told when i do freeze i like jump in the air and float my ping sky rockets and i come back into play unless i die
  • Reconfigure some settings inside your graphics card controls?
  • SmexxyCat wrote: »
    Reconfigure some settings inside your graphics card controls?

    Such as? = =

    Bumb. Need this to go away, flash googles helped lower the freezing time but WOGL won't be using them.
  • I lag for like 2 second, I think it's your graphics.
  • Smoke grenades are no fun. -.-

    They mega fps lagg you...
  • BUMP.

    Messed around with a few graphics settings, still don't know what to do about it. This is not a FPS problem, nor a smoke grenade problem.
  • [Rory][Rory] Archduke
    happens to me for a few seconds, annoying but i get used to it.
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