I just want to buy the Thompson and be done with it all..

..I don't see it avail. Was it a win only item?

I managed to drop the owner of one and he left me 88 rounds....


  • its a gp crate weapon, which is completely random. you can win it in 1 crate or 1000+, just luck, its not available in weapon shop.
  • It should be.. I want it
  • PWaNTeD wrote: »
    It should be.. I want it
    -waves mine in face :p jks
  • hahaha..
    I'll steal your account -'-
  • Hmm. I like my Scar Light. So screw the crates. I gave up.
  • Ew scar light.. I've stop useing it :D
  • The only way to get it right now is either through the GP crate, or through tho MMOSite 7 day giveaway. It took me almost 90 GP crates to win mine.
  • Yea ppl won't use it now. Hey, it's in the game, it costs money, it's a gun, it's fair. Idc what ppl say about it. Noob cannon baddie gun. They just jealous :D
  • AWM for the win ;)
    You know me with that gun ;)
    Frustrated much?
  • I don't remember AWMing against you...I like AWM too lol. I'm getting better but for now i'm a fail camp sniper.
  • OMG... Remember
    The Mine?
    I'm not tlaking to you.
  • Stay on topic or don't post. You can have your conversation via PM.
  • Were Kinda' talking about wepons.. Drifted off.. Sorry
    So yeah
    I want tommy xD
  • PWaNTeD wrote: »
    It should be.. I want it

    who doesnt...I luv it...FTW!!! but it has not AAASS good power...but accurate and 60 ammo clip FTW!!!
  • it goes crazy on spray.. Thats what I like though
    bam bam bam bam bam bammmmmmmmmm
  • That's why you don't spray with it. I use it while rushing. Just fire 5-10 shot bursts and you can easily take out 6 or more guys with it at medium range. The shot grouping at an estimated 50 feet is only about as big as a volleyball.
  • I personally havent used it enough in S&D
    Care to come on CF and let me try it?
  • whats so great about the thompson it isn't even that beast anyway... i don't like it... its like the kriss but heavier
  • i hardly get much of a chance to use it, and i dont like to pick up guns in TDM as tempted as i am cuz i get shot while doing so
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