Can GMs not read or something?

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Ive been trying to submit an appeal through the ticket system and this guy [GM]Xavs is literally like not even reading the details… this is the third ticket he has closed without saying anything other than a copied and pasted response… I mean I’m trying to get access to an account I easily put almost 3,000 dollars into for this guy to sit up here and act childish about z8games standard of service… The account got blocked one day. Not for hacking, phishing, or violating policy but it was blocked permanently for no reason while I was vacationing… The plane trip alone only took 2 hours to complete… I literally thought it was like a bug of any other nature and that I could play when I got back… well after infinite attempts to log I can’t even log in because it’s deleted and on top of that I’m not even getting satisfactory leveled service being an investing contributing player who happens to use the services and goods of a game who’s endorsed by a company with a motto that says “free gaming evolved… Xavz at least read the report man. Other GMs don’t act ignorant like that and you are the only one the ticket is going to… I don’t understand why someone who got hired in the end of 2020 is handling account issues anyway… Next time just glimpse at the details before you close the ticket please… Utter monkey busines! I have an issue not a schedule just a little of your concentration will make this better for everyone in the future. I also asked why the account was banned and you didn’t even include the explanation for it… something the terms of service say I have the right to be informed of as the account’s rightful owner… All the matching info for the account is in the ticket details yet he’s still closing my ticket and giving me redundancy when I’m trying more than he is to help myself enjoy the game and be positive… I didn’t even get an email back this time he just closed it without even notifying…


  • Sadly there are lots of reasons and possible ways through which you may get banned.
    To the other claims you should carefully read game terms of use :
    The amount of ZP you buy and spend have no relevance and will not grant any advantage or privilege over a user who did not buy zp at all ( and will not affect GM in any way as they are not payed from ZP sales ), simply because we as players are only account holders and not customers while legal account owner remain z8.

    Anyway no matter what are your reasons and how it happen, once an account is found involved on activities that violate game terms of use -> will be banned, and z8 can't be asked to reveal those evidences ( it say on terms of use ), that is why you get same answer over and over again.

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    I understand that for the most part but if I’m providing the details and the circumstance wasn’t ideal punishment for the even in the matter that people with differing ip in one day have received temporary blocks for this then why should my account be deleted? They in fact do say that if you ask why they will answer… honestly I kinda wish I knew what was going on when cf was saying you have been permanently blocked cause I’m used to seeing bugs and client errors on logins… not that the timing should really matter even though it’s been in effect going on 4 years almost. There has to be at least an attempt to help “resolve” my circumstance right?

  • all ticket are answered accordingly, if you don't have enough information or you have to wait 90 days the answer is given to you. If you are banned then you have done something to get banned such as but not limited to Account Sharing, Account Buying/Selling/Trading, cheats, You can send a ticket to support department and ask the reason. Players don't just get banned for no reason.

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