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I described most of my topic with the answer in this topic

it is extremely unclear to me why the administration allows a country to play in which there is a private CF localization, but has banned Transnisria access, this injustice can be easily solved by opening access to the PMR (Transnisria ), or by closing access to Egypt and leaving closed access to Transnisria

I am extremely unclear about the situation with the fact that the support center does not want to disclose whether the player to whom the ticket was sent is banned or not
, in this regard , I suggest doing the following , when searching for a player in the system through a nickname and clicking on his profile , write that this person is banned


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    In general a coverage area is based on distributions rights as was negociated with other companies that own the original copyright and other companies who buy the distributions rights for an area or countries.

    As for CF West the coverage area ( image updated on 2020 ) look like this :

    The area in red are covered by other companies who buy the distributions rights ( as example CF Russia , or CF Vietnam, CF Philipines )
    The ideea goes like this: as long an area is covered by another acompany can't be asimilated to another game version, is not legal.
    ( to point an example CF Philipines even restrict web access to IP's outside PH coverage area )

    Now in regard with "a country to play in which there is a private CF localization" i can presume you talk about Egypt, well Egypt oficial is covered by CF West, and any other CF versions established there are just illegal version with no copyrights
    ( was closed in the past many times by police, but is not an easy job to close an illegal game version, take some time).
    Here you can take a look on CF game versions, any other version not listed here most like is an illegal version :

    All United Nations member states consider Transnistria a legal part of the Republic of Moldova, and Republic of Moldova is covered by CF Russia, BUT even when UN will consider Transnistria a distinct country or region, then a company must own the distributions rights to cover-it.

    For last point : according actual terms and conditions the result of an account investigation is not public, therfore is not posible to see if an account is banned or not.
    If was alloweed then we will have a blacklist with all IGN banned and reason ( as other games have ) , and was requested by players many times until now, BUT is not possible until game terms and conditions will allow.

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