Failed connect to server

Hi to all! pls help to my friend with this error - Failed connect to server pls help my frends


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    Tips to try :
    1. If is using WiFi - then connect to router using a LAN cable ( local latency induced by WiFi transmission can result in d/c )
    2. Close any other programs running ( as nvidia experience, overwolf, other game boosters ..etc )
    3. Check if game is added to antivirus and firewall exceptions ( * in the past avast and avira was keep blocking the game once start to block and the only solution was to temporary unninstall those antiviruses )
    4. Reset TCP/IP and flush DNS ( in case other programs set a custom DNS on windows settings it may trigger the error ) :
    ( open command prompt as administrator )
    5. Still not fixed send a support ticket as described on last point on the forum link above.

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