what is this?

What happened in your management that cheaters are not banned? Why ban only for minor violations? This also applies to the chat. Why can provocateurs evade responsibility? They themselves throw off complaints and remain the winners. He pissed off the person and threw a complaint against him, and the one who was emotional went to the ban, and the provocateur continues to do his own thing, provoking other people. These non-humans are not exactly banned, but banned according to the motherboard of a personal computer. What are the holes in your rules? And when will you start banning cheaters? What kind of chaos? What are you doing? In a rating match in the top, some softers are sitting, I am already silent for the rating zombie mod.


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    1. Tickets are answer in same order as received, also there is a designated stuff to handle each type of ticket, obviously since are more hack report tickets then others can take some time until a hack report is solved while other type of report is solved faster because are less tickets on that department.
    2. Bad behaviour ( using bad words, insults, harrasing ..etc ) is not alloweed, when someone insult or challenges you to use
      bad words the solution is not to insult back, you should printscreen the chat and report him instead, so next time don't fall into same trap and don't asnwer back with bad words.
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