I demand to recover my account with my first regiastered email address!

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    first forum post answered your question, and the second 1 aswell, there is no ticket help on the forum. For ticket you have to write enough correct information to be able to proceed to changing your email, if you get 90 days then you have to wait the 90 days. If the account was compromised it means that at some point you gived the ID and PW with informations to a friend, relative, someone you know and/or a stranger. From the image we ask the current email address anything with a red star is the important information we must need everything else is secondary, so yes it's good to have the first email which can help prove ownership but not the 1 we will need for the process.

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    i understand about 90 days, i am not stupid. please dont repeat about it anymore.
    and i understand that in red stars its important, which i have answered 80% right. i am sure. but i can not agree about first email address. ITS MORE IMPORTANT,Than any other thing in red stars, BUT IT IS NOT MARKED WITH RED STAR! WHY>??
    every system in gaming, in social networks and so on, is depending on first registered email address, and whats wrong with you guys? in any other system "first email" is important,because with it, you can indeed identified who is real account owner.
    so you are telling me, that "yes, you are good boy, that you have access to your first email address, and i know that you are real account owner, and you can confirm it with your email, but sorry, we can not recover your account, because with our stupid rules. first registered email is not marked with red star and it is not important"
    here is what you are telling me right now.

  • what doesn't have a star is extra information which is good to have, but if you have given account information others would know aswell which wouldn't prove anything. As told anything in red is what's important information should of been memorized or saved for you to remember, each support system is different sure knowing first email helps but is not mandatory. Again read TOS for rules, when writing a ticket make sure you have enough right information to proceed.

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    i don't know what do you talking about.
    what if i did not memorized or saved/ or lost security question? that means that account is lost? or that means that this is not my account?
    this is absurd!
    can you tell me whats the point of that red stars questions?
    i will tell you whats the point.
    that questions is for helping to identificate real owner of account with any way. does not matter, its in red star or blue star,
    does not matter how its works, the point is only one thing: IDENTIFICATE THE REAL ONE WITH ANY OPTION IT COULD BE IDENTIFICATED.
    so i can tell you 100% that "secondary option" or how you call "extra option" like is told in tickets is 100% working option to identificate the real one.
    for example: this is simple: i am creating account. system asking me to enter email address,
    without email i can not register my account.
    so i am entering that damned address. and now i have account with that damned email address Associated , which i have too.
    maybe i forgot security question, maybe i lost it. but i have that damned email that can identificate my account.
    you can just send verification link or something else. and thats all.i am not asking you about second email or anything else.
    but you dont want to do that, because how i told you before, you don't care my problem, because i am not your friend.

    • you don't like me.
      Is it just a formality of what you do? i mean where is your human ideas? if you realy want to be fair and not to be Biased.
      if my account was compromised damn it, you know that that person can know my accounts everything with that damned tickets, that i did not delated. just because i did not knew before how can it be delated,and that is your systems bug too. why tickets was not delated by support? it was the reason that scammer was informed about everything about my account. so he/she has more information, than me, but, i have more proves thank he/she. and you know that. does not matter its from red starts or anything else.
      for example maybe i have right sec. qustion and everything else in red stars. o.k.
      here what we get: we get min. 2 different users that have same account.
      thats mean that every 3 months scammer can recover my account?
      you dont think that this is very stupid?
      thats why that damned first email address is plays a big role!
      ask him to identificate that address? he can not do this! and you know that.

    someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is for everybody, If you get a ticket with not enough info it will mean you don't have enough info with or without the first email. Last time you need enough correct information to proceed with the email process, account don't just get scammed out of no where you talked to someone about your ID and PW and account information which led to the account being lost. I answer the tickets the same way for everyone regardless who they are.

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