I demand to recover my account with my first regiastered email address!

hello. 3 months ago my acc was compromissed.
after 3 months i tried to recover it, but i got notification from gm xavs, that some of provided information is incorrect. and he again "gifted" my account to scammer! he dont care.
i guess scammer is his friend.
now what i have, i have first registered email address and access to it of crse (this is important)
i can identificate my account by this email. i have also access to my second email,
but gm xavs is telling me that it is not important.
someone help me.


  • reccxreccx Beginner

    @[MOD]ShadowRo said:
    Email is changed by support ONLY if you can provide enough required info.
    Also the fact you have access to a previous registered email made no difference since that email is no longer assigned to the game account.
    Seems the other person have more correct info then you have.

    between "previous" email address and "first registered" address is big difference.
    "previous" can change any person, between them scammer too.
    and first registered email is absolutely diffrenet thing. it was used during registration, and noone has access to it, Except the original account owner! it is recorded on account!
    soon i will I file a lawsuit in court in my country about it.

  • Again as iv'e said you need enough correct information to be able to proceed and 90 days if the email was recently changed, if you do not then you won't be able to proceed with the email change. If the account was compromised and the email changed you have to make sure the rest of the information is the right info, the only help will come through the ticket system.

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