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I know it might not be possible.
I made my account 8 years ago, I don't really play much nowadays,
my account isn't verified, the email that I used I'm not sure if It's mine or not, I might typed it wrong back then (replace yahoo with hotmail), so I can't really access this email, I tried to login many times but I couldn't, even the phone number that registered on this email isn't mine (still I'm not sure if this is an old phone number I had back then),
and the thing is when I try to change my email here it sends a link to that email, but I can't access that email, so is there any other way to change my email?

I actually thought like how can I proof that this is really my account and I'm not stealing it,
about 6 years ago I was playing another crossfire server called ARX, and I had the same IGN, I have lots of replays that I saved back then, idk if it can proof anything but at least to make you sure that is this the IGN that I used to use on any game few years ago.
my IGN is mego_gemy


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