Bad Attitude For Ban Players Only Because They Joined In Room With Bots

With respect but was not nice to get ban only because i joined a map where was bots in HMX.
Is my fault cause they use bot tool?
Not i use bot tool so not me should get ban,but them.
Also i get ban exactly in my birthday.
You make me sad.
I spend money here for buy zp and get ban for no reason.
Your GM is not fair.

This was my first unthankful.

Second is this:
Stop reduce damage of ZM weapons.
Is not nice and you lose players...

I play this game from 2009 and i get ban for stupid reasons like playing with bots and with 50% of normal players wich shot them like me.Is not fair.
I get ban for blocking a soldier in cage map Merida.

Now i wonder for what i will get ban?
For saying the truth?

Try think twice before block an account with honorable soldier ribon.



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