IMPORTANT: Update on 2-Step Verification

Attention Mercenaries,

Due to an issue reported, we had to reset 2-Step Verification for all users while we fixed the issue.
You can now re-enable 2-Step Verification on 'My Account' page.

For a guide on how to set up 2-Step Verification, please check the link HERE.

See you at the battlefield,
-CrossFire Team


  • Great!
    I didn't see the original announcement of 2FA feature being implemented on the website though.
    Hopefully it also get added to the game login for improved security.

  • Sloppy_SnailSloppy_Snail Viscount
    edited September 2021

    In case you find yourself actually needing 2-Factor Authentication instead of having someone guess your password from obsolete security policies or having your local neighborhood friend from 1000km away "hack" into your account, DO NOT USE Google Authenticator. Google Authenticator stores its data locally which means if you remove the app from your phone or if you're trying to switch from one phone to another, reinstalling Google Authenticator will NOT remember what randomized six digit code has been provided for Z8Games (or any additional services added), and Google will NOT do anything to help you unless you generated a passphrase.

    Considering the e-mail verification issue within this summer and the aforementioned "Due to an issue reported, we had to reset 2-Step Verification for all users while we fixed the issue." I wouldn't trust Z8Games support with my account. You would be letting your "friend" log into your account and sell your weapons. (Do people even do that these days..?)

    I'd recommend using Authy. It's another 2FA app that you can add accounts directly through QR codes too. It functions a lot like Google Authenticator, except it forces you to create an account. When you decide to lose a brain cell with your Z8Games account, you can at the very least verify with Authy support that you've had these codes instead of sitting there drooling over decade-old e-mails with Z8Game's marketing team and an antiquated database.

    E: Improved wording
    (Side Note.. Well would you look at that, 2FA implemented in 2 months. Looks like someone in the ivory IT towers of Smilegate West caught their pants aflame.. hope Covering Your A.. helped!)

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