LEVEL 1 when buying ZP

Hi! I want to buy ZP and my account is new but i try to buy zp an error shows up. Like "you cant buy zp because your character is not level 1." What is level 1 ?


  • Seems you are not create a character on the account ? .
    Even after you create a char on account , there is a minimal rank you need to obtain first to be able to use all payments available.
    As i remember is SFC 1 image
    If you wish to buy ZP before obtain required game rank - then it should be possible ONLY using prepay card ( as PaySafe , KarmaKoin, GoCash ...etc )

  • Hey I have a question, I got my new account and I purchased 3 times at the amount of 79.99$ and it says declined but i was charged around 300$ and i didn't get nothing.

  • Send a support ticket to -> Payments / Purchases / Refunds -> Failure to Receive ZP , describe your problem there , will be answered with first working day ( as today is weekend ) .

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