Server disconnect

Its been six days now everytime im playing the game, i get disconnected from the game with error code 3025_5? Anybody help me pls?


  • Kaaapi24Kaaapi24 Beginner
    i bet there nothing we can do im getting that too, and ofc no one will give me back that zp i spend for 30d items that im losing now by not able to play :-))
  • ewdgtwe54ewdgtwe54 Beginner
    They are just trash who want our money without having a fcking service
    trash game trash "admins" trash everything
    full of ****
  • xVermxVerm Worthy
    Can't play a single match without getting kicked out by that error.
  • Kaaapi24Kaaapi24 Beginner
    they even answer for a ticket for so long
  • xristexyyyxristexyyy Beginner
    Thats the problem with it, they release 12th Anniversary event and 50% or more players cant possibly get any rewards (i mean the spin the wheel event now) i think a lot of players really want to get that Iron Beast SIA M4 but its really hard when you dont want to spend ZP on it because the game is disconnecting on our asses every fckn 5 minutes. And we are at the same point, MONEY MONEY MONEY. Servers are most of the time down for a couple of seconds and only way you can get these spins is to recharge ZP lol. ridiculous... Get your asses up GMs or soon there will be noone to buy your Z8 Points and play on your weak broken servers.. It really breaks my mood.. When i first started to play PC games Crossfire was the game i started with and i enjoy thinking about how the game was fun and good back in 2011 in the NA version.. No VVIP or other bull****. Just clean experience.. Getiing 300 EXP from the match and going slowly was so much better. Fix it PLEASE. I dont want to transfer onto another game again but i guess i will have to anyways.
  • They are loosing us. It’s almost 2 weeks now, I couldn’t play in any mode, it’s just kicked me out in every 2-3 minutes and appeared DC 3025_4. Please, fix it. I am loosing my rank point.

  • edited July 19

    Did you have a fix on this issue? Facing same issue but no response from anyone and couldn't find this topic troubleshooting in google.


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