ip ban yedim

friends ip ban i think i'm running internet cafe when i enter the game it gives an error in 3 seconds how can i solve the same problem of 25 pc please help


  • SeKToRzSeKToRz Beginner
    edited July 5

    Well I could explain how to bypass an IP ban as its so basic but I won't because clients are banned for a reason.However just saw this as a chance to mention that they should MAC ban and not IP ban its a big reason so many vip hack clients can just rehash and relogin

    Also think OP meant one of the pc's in the internet cafe (ISP) are banned so all PC's in the cafe are banned.
    If it's just an error then you won't be back here to figure it out anyways.

    Cracking down on cheaters on PC games is an impossibility server side client id's ( accounts ) will always be perma banned.
    But there's a lot of people resetting hardware ID's for mac bans so even that won't work these days but mac banning is more effective.

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