Failed to connect to host server.

When I join a game, I get "Failed to connect to host server" after loading the game, then I sent out of the room to the lobby OR sending me to the lobby directly without sending any message (also after loading the game).
It is solved by connecting the PC to the router through a LAN cable but I can't do this. I want it by using Wi-Fi.
I hope you understand this message, and I'm waiting for your reply
Thank you.


  • Your WiFi can induce a local latency and cause the disconnect, you can try to manual adjust WiFi settings from home router, as are available: set a manual channel and use one with less interferences, set power to 100% , set bandwidth to 20 for 2,4 Ghz ... and so on, depending on your router model can be other settings to try improve the wifi performance but you will need to research on internet see what you can find.
    BUT also there are some hardware limitation you can't bypass unless you upgrade ( as to use a more performant wifi router and/or a more performant wifi card on laptop/pc )

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