I HAS NEW COMPUTER NO ANTİVİRÜS NOT OLD VERSİON. but I has this notice. pls help me


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    not use english

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    not use english

  • @melisya
    1. game must be added to antivirus and firewall exceptions
    2. close any other running programs
    3. always start patcher_cf.exe as administrator
    and not last : use only english on forum.

  • bu arada version ini bende latest version 1387 minimal version 1351 olmasi gereken bu degil ama oyunu bastan yukledim dosya konumunu actim yonetici olarak baslattim guvenlik duvarindan izin verdim ama version ini bu yaziyor oyuna girdikten bir sure sonra yine v 28 on 64 cikacak bir anlami kalmaz bu arada nasil oluyorda kendi web sayfasindan indirdigim oyun version ini guncel olmuyor bunu bana aciklayiniz baska bir yerden indirmedim

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  • ozur dilerim bastan soyleyim oyunu bastan yukledim yuklemeden once bilgisayardan cross ait ne varsa sildim z8 dosyasida dahil sonra yukledim dosya konumdan actim yonetici olarak baslattim guncelleme yapti guvenlik duvarindan izin verdim ama baktimki verison ini bir sıkıntı gordum 1387 minimal surum 1351 yazidigimi gordum degistirmek istedim izniniz yok dedi sonrasi ayni oyuna girdim bir sure sonra v28 on 64 cikti ve baska guncelleme yapmadim modemi sifirladim ayni guncelleme yok

  • I'm sorry, let me tell you from the beginning I downloaded the game from the beginning, I deleted everything from the computer, including the z8 file, then I downloaded it from the file location, I opened it as an administrator, I allowed it through the firewall, but I saw that there was a problem with the verison, I saw that I wrote 1387 minimal version 1351, I wanted to change it. After a while, I entered the same game, after a while, v28 on 64 was released and I did not make any other updates, I reset the modem, there is no update

  • Please explain how the version of the game I downloaded from its web page is not up to date, this is nonsense, I did not download it from anywhere else, but the game is troublesome

  • I can't change the version, it says you don't have permission, please, if the video is narrated, it would be better, I'm tired of reinstalling it.

  • Carefully read this topic about version.ini
    BUT if you already change security policy and deny the write option for windows users - then you can't change version.ini
    You need restore write policy then you will be able to change numbers and SAVE.
    Also :
    close/disable microsoft one drive before start game
    always start patcher_cf.exe as administrator

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    i keep getting this message when logging in. ive tried restarting my pc, my modem, ive whitelisted valorant on my firewall, disabled my firewall, made a new account and reinstalled the game still getting the same issue.

  • Error 31_9 :
    Close valorant anticheat before start CF - just in case is interfeering with CF game ( will require restart PC when you wish to play back Valorant )
    Start patcher_cf.exe as administrator

  • jamesfitjamesfit Beginner

    You can try reinstalling the game. Also scan your computer using MalwareBytes. It is a good malware scanner that works better than popular antiviruses.

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